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NPOA is the fastest growing trade association in the printing industry. While many associations are facing stagnant or declining memberships, NPOA has grown from 19 original members in late December 2012 to 372 members as of Feb. 1, 2014. Click here to read the rest of our story.

The Benefits of Membership

NPOA is an association founded and operated "by printers for printers." We are the fastest growing association in the printing industry. We've grown from 19 founding members in late December 2012 to more than 370 members as of late January 2014.

Our goal, with your help, is to reach 450 members by late spring of 2014. NPOA seeks to serve the needs of companies, both large and small, offering printing, copying, mailing and sign-making services. The benefits of membership in NPOA include access to a variety of key reports, spreadsheets and studies that provide our members with practical and useful information on profitability, wages and pricing within our industry - plus an annual conference where owners can rub shoulders and exchange ideas for growing their business and boosting profits.

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Ft. Lauderdale Conference
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More than 145 NPOA members, sponsors and vendors attended the NPOA Owners Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL., Feb. 27 - Mar. 2, and without exception they praised the conference for both its great location, sunny days, and most important the program content. (View Highlights Video here) NPOA made several important announcements at the conference, including the launch of its new Bookstore (See menu on left) as well as the announcement that NPOA will be providing FREE videos of nine major conference presentations to All NPOA members, regardless of whether they attended the conference or not! Read our blog here. 



The Latest News From NPOA

Whether or not you are a member of NPOA, be sure to take some time to explore our site. The Blog/Latest News link near the top of the menu on this page is a good place to start. We use the blog to highlight some of the latest happenings at NPOA. Some features are limited to "members only" while others are open to the general public:

PIA Extends Member Rates to NPOA - Click to view program, or visit NPOA Blog for additional info....
Conference Site Selection Survey Results are now available. We think members will be interested in what we found.
Six Conference Videos Now Available for NPOA Members
NPOA Opens Bookstore - Look for additional studies and publications soon!
Free Samples of Larry Hunt Newsletters - Click link for further information.

Valuable Industry Data
on Profitability Due in May

Benchmark Cov. V2Survey Deadline Closes -  Well, the surveys are in and the data is under-going clean-up and analysis. Participants will be receiving their own free copy within six weeks - approximately May 19, 2014. This study is considered by most profit-leaders to be the most valuable study published in our industry. This study is a "must-have" for printers who want to improve profits in 2014 and beyond. If you did not participate you will be able to purchase a copy through the NPOA Bookstore. Upon first analysis, it appears profits are indeed up in industry for the first time in many years! Visit our Blog for more details.