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Be sure to visit our Member Benefits Page to get a good overview of some of the services we provide. NPOA is the fastest growing non-profit trade association serving the printing industry. While some associations are facing stagnant or declining memberships, NPOA has grown from 19 original members in late December 2012 to almost 400 by the Spring of  2015. Our association was founded "by printers for printers." Click here to read the rest of the story, or you can go directly to our membership page and join NPOA today! Interested about our membership and who they are and where they come from? Check here to view a list of our newest members. 

1st Regional Road Show
Comes to New England

NPOA brings the popular topic of wide format directly to its members. Partnering with Mimaki and Grant Graphics, NPOA will present a one day seminar and panel on successfully selling and producing wide format.
On Friday, November 13 in Newton MA at the Mimaki headquarters, printers will attend an educational session by Skip Grant followed by lunch and then an afternoon session with a panel of printers experienced in wide format. Skip article and go directly to registration form.

Printers in the New England states are invited to attend the first regional road show for education and networking opportunities, including an informal get together on Friday evening. 

Click here for more information


NPOA Completes Major Survey
Of PrintOwner List Subscribers

Updating the PrintOwners Listserv - NPOA is making a major effort to clean-up and update the popular PrintOwner Subscriber list. We have distributed eight surveys to subscribers asking them to update their information. 

As of September 3, 2015, 346 subscribers completed the survey, while 334 did not. Those who did not respond will be dropped from the PrintOwners listserv on Sept. 4-6. They will no longer receive emails or be able to post!

What to do if you are Unsubscribed? - It couldn't be easier! Provide us the information we need by visiting the PrintOwners List Information Page and select "Join" from either the top menu bar or the one on the right. It is as simple as that!







2015-2016 Mailing Services
Pricing Study Released!

The NPOA Mailing Services Pricing Study, a 130-page report packed with the latest pricing data in the mailing industry has just been released. All eligible survey participants have been notified via the email addresses they provided as to how and where to go to download their Free PDF copy. Survey participants, some of whom spent 2-3 hours completing their survey, will also receive a hard-copy of the publication in the mail. NPOA members who did not participate are entitled to download an "Executive Summary" of the study.  Visit here for details. The Study is now available in the NPOA BookstoreNPOA Price $117 (a 40% discount); Non-members $195. Available as both a PDF or hard-copy. Orders shipping now.


News of the day...

Barry Martin, General Manager and Owner of Copyquik, Hagerstown, MD, assumed the position of President of NPOA on March 10th, following the resignation of NPOA President Jace Prejean (See story below). According to Martin,Copyquik was started in 1982 and is located in Hagerstown, MD, a town of a population of 40,000 located in Western Maryland. Martin started working at Copyquik immediately out of high school in 1985. In 2003, Martin purchased the business from the original owner. Copyquik has a staff of 14, and provides printing, graphic design, promotional products, signage and direct mail. In additional to the normal printing equipment, Copyquik utilizes a 30 KW solar system on our roof top that provides about 30% of our energy needs. "I look forward to serving as president of NPOA, and welcome the opportunity to continue to provide a quality membership organization that helps printers. I encourage NPOA members to call or email me with suggestions or concerns," adds Martin. For contact information for Martin or other members of the NPOA Board of Directors click here.

NPOA President Steps Aside - Jace Prejean, one of the 18 original founders of NPOA and its first president, has presented his official resignation from the office he has held since the association was founded in December 2012. The announcement came during a formal video conference held by the NPOA board on March 10, 2015. Prejean told the board that due to severe back problems that he felt he could no longer perform the duties and responsibilities as president of the association. Prejean will, however, continue to serve on the NPOA board filling as the "Immediate Past President," a position previously outlined in the bylaws. Prejean was instrumental in turning the dream of a small group of printers into reality - a national association that could better serve the small to medium size printer. Under Prejean's leadership, NPOA has grown from an original group of 18 founders to almost 400 members and is now widely respected throughout the industry for the many services it provide printers from across the U.S. and abroad. To read Jace's letter of resignation, click here.

NPOA March Newsletter hits the mail and our web site -
Crossing our fingers that the snow has stopped for most of our members, the latest NPOA Newsletter hit the mail March 6, 2015 and since it is mailed 1st Class, we have been told it is already arriving at some locations. In the meantime, if you would prefer to simply download a PDF of the Newsletter, you may do so by clicking 2015 March Newsletter.


Platinum Plus, is a new, "members-only" feature being offered by NPOA. Members can now use an exclusive Search Engine for searching thousands of previous emails posted to the PrintOwners list serv. Click here or go to Main Menu > Resources. You can search by phrases, authors, or key words.

Popular Webinar Video "How To Stop Buyers Choosing On Price" is now available for NPOA members only. "Sometimes it feels like every conversation is about price. That's all buyers seem to be interested in," notes Parker. "They don't want to hear about your company heritage, your quality level or your web to print software," he adds. Well, if you missed this popular webinar and you are an NPOA member, you can view it now. Simply sign-in, select Membership>Media & Videos then follow the appropriate links.

How to Increase sales With a Web-to-Print Marketing Portal - NPOA is proud to provide its members and guests the opportunity to view Peter Lineal's first webinar about how to use Web-to-Print Marketing Portals to increase your business. Go here to view highlights or to access the entire presentation - Marketing Portals.


Special Report on Retirement Plans -Download a 6-page PDF containing the results of NPOA's most recent survey -"Retirement Plans and Planning Survey." Please note that the availability of this report is limited to either NPOA Members or Visitors who sign-up for our Complimentary Membership. Click here to download PDF or for further information on Complimentary Memberships.

New Report on Business Climate Just Released by NPOA - NPOA has just released a fascinating 5-page report detailing the results of a survey conducted two weeks ago. The survey received more than 250 responses and is packed with useful information on sales trends and projections, and growth rate projections by six specific departments in our industry. Go here for your free download of this special report. 

An Executive Summary of Wage & Benefits Study  is now available for free download for all NPOA members. Although certainly not as detailed as the entire 120 pages provided to participants in the full report, this 40-page Executive Summary still contains a wealth of information. To download, simply log-in with your user name and password, then go to the home page menu and select: Membership > Members Only.

NPOA Releases 2014-2015 Wage & Benefits Study - Melbourne, FL, Aug. 12, 2014 – NPOA has just released its latest research study on wages and benefits in the printing industry. Participants have been sent a confidential email directing them to a special site where the study can be downloaded. The study is also now available for purchase at the NPOA bookstore, which offers a 40% discount to NPOA members. (Click here for more details) NPOA expects to release an "Executive Summary" of the new study within the next two weeks.