Listed below are the 19 founders who came together in late 2012 and formed the National Print Owners Association. We thank them for their trust and support.

Steve Blatman
Ink Spot Printing & Copy Center, Inc.
Frazer, PA

"NAQP used to be a place to which we could turn for maintaining our sanity in this industry, especially for the small-format printer. Unfortunately, that is no longer true! We need an association that can provide us, in a timely fashion, information on pricing, employee issues, and operating ratios that better relate to who we are. I believe the new National Print Owners Association (NPOA) can best fill that need, and I look forward to the next 12-18 months as this association gets off the ground and running." Steve Blatman, Ink Spot Printing & Copy Center

Scott Cappel
Sorrento Mesa Printing
San Diego, CA

"Those who own small printing companies occupy a unique place in our industry. They must deal with risk and make decisions on a daily basis that carry the weight and responsibility for the well-being of their employees, their family, and themselves. They are quick to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace and must have a clear vision of how to guide their companies. The National Print Owners Association has been founded to offer support and encourage this small business entrepreneur." Scott Cappel, Sorrento Mesa Printing

Armand Girard
Curry Printing & Mailing
Auburn, ME 04210

"NPOA is exactly what our industry needs. An association that understands the challenges that small commercial printers face today. It seems that the other associations no longer have the support we need. NPOA will definitely fill that void." Armand Girard, Curry Printing & Mailing

John Henry Mitchell
Mitchell Printing & Mailing
Oswego, NY

"Printers need to work smarter today. We need to have opportunities to learn and network to keep our businesses profitable and moving forward. I believe currently this is not being met by existing groups or the costs involved are too high. NPOA will fill that void." John Henry, Mitchell Printing & Mailing

Dan Huntingford
SOS Printing
Port Townsend, WA

"I've been a member of the two big print associations for years, and their efforts to help small quick printers are laughable.  I truly look forward to sharing, learning and associating with my peers in the NPOA." Dan Huntingford, SOS Printing  

Barry Martin
Copyquik Printing & Graphics 
Hagerstown, MD

"I am excited to be part of a new trade association that I believe will fill a void in our industry. I look forward to a dynamic group with fresh ideas for printers who are looking toward a future with positive growth and new revenue streams." Barry Martin,Copyquik Printing & Graphics

Eugene Montanez
Allegra Marketing – Print - Mail Formerly Zap Printing & Graphics
Corona, CA

"As people who started their business in the garage with letterpress printing and a small multi-offset printing press, to a full service printer with four color presses and digital color presses, we know the importance of a strong trade association. Our industry is developing at a dizzying pace, and we need a national organization that can help triage the new technologies and be forward thinking. Whether you are an independent or franchise organization, there is nothing stronger than networking with owners experiencing the same issues and solutions." Eugene Montanez, Allegra Marketing - Print - Mail

David Monto
Dutchess ProPrint
Wappinger's Falls, NY

"When I left the Sir Speedy franchise in 2011, I was hoping that NAQP would help fill the support void. While I enjoyed the owners conference in 2011, some of the sessions were not on the same level as I had experienced from the franchise. What I did enjoy was the interaction with other Print Owners before and after the sessions. I hope NPOA not only has better, more informative sessions, but provides us with the same opportunities to meet with other Print Owners outside the sessions, as these are sometimes more valuable than the conference." David V. Monto, Dutchess ProPrint

Brian O'Day
Portland, OR


"I am very excited to be a member of the National Print Owner Association, an association that is run by printers for printers. I look forward to getting back together with fellow printers exchanging ideas in an open environment at a reasonable price."  Brian O'Day, ePrint

Chuck Pappas
Arlington Swifty Printing
Arlington, MA

"I am proud to be part of an organization whose roots are truly member driven. A group whose mission is to help all printers succeed through support by peers, knowledge and education."  Chuck Pappas, Arlington Swifty Printing

Brad Potter
Printing Services, Inc.
Port Orchard, WA

 "Proverbs in the Bible teaches that, 'As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend' (Proverbs 27:17). I have always felt that my print buddies have been willing, when asked, to be my 'mastermind group' and given good and pointed advice at my point of need." Brad Potter, Printing Services, Inc.

Jace Prejean
Bayou Printing & Graphics, Inc.
Houma, LA

"I've never considered myself a Quick Printer, but when I first heard of the National Association of Quick Printers, I joined and attended a conference. In those few days, I learned more about operating a small printing business than I had learned in years on my own, and that association was a valuable resource for me. NAQP no longer exists, and the main reason for my involvement with NPOA is to provide resources and opportunities for owners and employees of small printing companies." Jace Prejean, Bayou Printing & Graphics, Inc.

Cliff Renner
Bozeman Printing Co.
Bozeman, MT

"At last, a printing trade organization made up of members of the more common sized print shops." Cliff Renner, Bozeman Printing Co.

K. Scott Schoppert  
Printing Impressions
Martinsburg, WV

"I am pleased to be a part of the formation of the NPOA. I look forward to participating in a dynamic group of shop owners and returning to some of the association values we have been missing, while looking forward to new opportunities in our industry." K. Scott Schoppert, Printing Impressions

Paula Fargo
Curry Printing & Copy Center
Baltimore, MD

"A trade organization formed by and made up of actual print owners will be far more effective in organizing, planning, and educating. Our efforts will be laser-focused on exactly what our needs are, with no superfluous, non-essential costs and issues which have no real meaning for us." Paula Fargo, Curry Printing & Copy Center

John C. Stewart
QP Consulting, Inc.
Melbourne, FL 

 "My hopes for NPOA are that we return to the early principles of NAQP, but with an emphasis on the future of our industry. I envision an association dedicated to serving the needs and aspirations of firms in the $500,000 to $2.5 million range, helping them explore current challenges and solutions, as well as anticipating changes coming in our industry in the next five years." John Stewart, QP Consulting, Inc.

Dennis Trump
Trump Direct
Decatur, IL

"I am very excited to be a part of the new National Print Owners Association. Print service providers face many challenges today, and the ability to share knowledge between owners is an invaluable asset that will help my company to move forward and compete." Dennis Trump, Trump Direct

Michael Vogel
Printplex USA
Milford, CT

"What NPOA's founding members all have in common --participation in the free sharing of knowledge and experience on the PrintOwners forum-- speaks volumes about the spirit of the organization we envision. I have benefited from being among them, and look forward to a vital NPOA focused on helping guide us through our industry's challenging future."  Michael Vogel, Printplex USA

Ed Weaver
Advantage Copying & Printing
Dodgeville, WI

"Learning from others' experience is the best path to success." Ed Weaver, Advantage Copying & Printing