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NPOA Publishes 1st
Vendor News Bulletin

NPOA has just released its first "Vendor News Bulletin." The bulletin is designed to serve regular NPOA members as well as its Associate Members by providing the latter with an opportunity to communicate directly with our regular members regarding upcoming seminars, programs, webinars and other offers being offered by our Associate Members.

Vendor News Bulletin

The first Vendor News Bulletin was distributed to all NPOA members on April 30th. If you missed that special email, you can follow the links to read about special offers being made by our Associate Members. We encourage all members to support our Associate Members by giving them five minutes of your time and reviewing the special announcements and offers being provided to NPOA. 

NPOA Benchmarking Study Reports
Profits Are Up For "Some" in Industry

Average industry profits are up for the first time in eight years according to preliminary data coming out of early analysis from NPOA's recently concluded 2014-15 Benchmarking Survey.

SPE Chart

According to our initial analysis of data, average industry profitability for 2013 was 13.67%, compared to 11.52% reported for the industry in 2011. The last time average profitability topped 13% was in 2005 when industry profitability was 13.43%, according to the 2006-2007 Operating Ratio Study published by PrintImage International. Average industry Sales Per Employee is now approximately $124,000, despite the fact that many printers in our recently conducted survey reported SPE's far lower.

For additional charts and graphs, as well as other information on key industry ratios NPOA Members can click here. 

Members Can Attend PIA Conference
June 2-3 in Dallas at PIA Member Rates

Jeff Ekstein, Chairman of the Board of PIA, has extended PIA Registration rates to all NPOA Members who are interested in attending their 2014 Print Leadership Summit, set for June 2-3, 2014 in Dallas, TX. Scheduled to be held at the Fairmont Hotel, PIA has put together an excellent schedule of speakers from the printing industry - leaders who will explore best practices, technology solutions and secrets of profit leaders. The summit will feature 27 sessions with three tracks. NPOA members who register by April 15 can register for only $495. View entire program here, or visit

Six 2014 Conference Videos Now
Available For Members Only!

Retired PrintersDelivering as promised and ahead of schedule, NPOA has now posted six of eight key conference videos (along with their respective handouts) on the members-only portion of our web site. Videos by Warren Werbitt, Gina Testa, Larry Hunt, Mike Stevens, Jennifer Matt along with a special video of NPOA's popular "Retired Printers Panel" are now ready for viewing. As noted on the Conference PDF and Video Page, we strongly advise setting aside some dedicated time to view these videos. They are packed with information you can use to improve the way you run your business, but only if you are willing to take the time to view them, take notes and then take some of the follow-up actions suggested by the speakers.

Conference Site Survey Results Released

Break Session photoNPOA members can now view the results of our recently conducted survey of our membership that explored preferences for future Owner's Conferences. View and read about some of the factors that will be considered as NPOA decides on site for the 2015 NPOA Owners Conference.


NPOA Conference Speaker Highlights Video

Although the initial release of videos from our 2nd NPOA Owners Conference is still about a week away, you can go here to view a nine-minute video of the nine speakers who addressed our conference. We will update you when full videos become available. Until then, enjoy!

Critically Important Financial Report
Available to All Survey Participants

Benchmark covNPOA has just launched a new survey on financial ratios. The 2014-2015 Financial Benchmarking Survey is being distributed free to more than 30,000 printers in the U.S. and Canada. The results of the study are expected to be published in early May, and they will be provided free to all participants who submit their survey form by the March 31, 2014 deadline. This survey and the resulting publication of the data is considered by many to be the most valuable document published in the printing industry. "Although the subject matter is not quite as 'sexy' and studies dealing with pricing, mailing services and sign-making, the results of this specific study, if analyzed carefully and implemented by an owner, can turn almost any firm from an 'also ran' into a true 'profit leader' in a very short period of time," explains NPOA Executive Director John Stewart. For further details go here.

Conference Videos Available
Free to All NPOA Members!

Conference Videos PromoWithin the next nine weeks, NPOA will begin distributing FREE videos of all major presentations from our our highly successful Owners Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Available to All NPOA Members - Videos will be made available not only to 2014 conference attendees but also to all NPOA members who are current on their dues. Members who have allowed their dues to lapse will have to reapply for membership and pay the new dues of $335 recently approved by the NPOA Board.

All nine major conference presentations were taped, including those by top-notch speakers such as Warren Werbitt, Gina Testa, Larry Hunt, Mike Stevens, Jennifer Matt, David King and James Harmon. Each session is being edited and as they are finished they will be released on the members-only portion of our web site.

Within the next week, all PowerPoint Presentations provided by our speakers will also be available on our site.

The decision to provide videos to all NPOA members, rather than to those who just attended the conference, was made only after a after thorough discussion of the "pros" and "cons" of such an action. "Will providing a valuable service to all members, rather than to just attendees, end up dissuading others from attending future conferences knowing videos might be available?" This was just one of the many questions raised during our discussion of session video tapes. In the end, the board decided it would deal and debate these specific issues prior to the next conference, but for now the board decided it has an extremely valuable member resource and it would be unfair if we were not to make this available to all our members.

We'll have lots more to report on these videos as they become available, and we'll let you know how to download them and where to go within the next few days. You can check back here for the latest info, and we'll also be posting announcements on the Printowners List as well as sending out various email blasts to members only.


Check-Out Expanded Links

Thanks to NPOA member David Doost, we have added some very useful links in our NPOA Link Center. Doost offers up some very good links for obtaining free, high quality photos, most of which require no credit, while others require minor credit or attribution to the photographer. Check them out!

NPOA Owners Conference Tops 140

Attendance at NPOA's 2nd Owners Conference, set for Feb. 27 - Mar. 2, in Fort Lauderdale, FL will top our 2013 New Orleans attendance numbers.

More than 140 registrants, speakers and vendors are expected to attend this information packed conference. The conference Program Agenda is packed with speakers addressing a variety of topics ranging from marketing challenges, keys to success, cornerstones of success and web-to-print basics. Other topics will include valuing a typical medium size printing firm, planning for retirement, healthcare and insurance, pricing large format plus various breakouts on web-to-print, mailing, and wide format.

NPOA's Board of Directors will be making a special announcement regarding a brand new member benefit that will be available to all members following the conference. Check back here for details.

Can you still register? Yes, but it may be difficult at this point in time to reserve a room at the Renaissance Hotel. If you make a decision at the last moment, don't hesitate to contact us at and we will be glad to assist you. You can go here to register on-line.  


Larry Hunt Newsletters Prove Valuable

Larry Hunt Newsletters -2"Many of us have touted the value of Larry Hunt's various newsletters for years," notes NPOA President Jace Prejean. "Larry saved me enough money on one purchase to subscribe to all of these newsletters for a lifetime." Prejean adds. (Download Sample PDFs Here)

"Since then," adds Prejean, "Dirck has saved me that much more many times over. I would never buy a color, b/w or wide-format printer without first getting his opinion. Plus, if you are a subscriber, he will review your proposals personally and tell you where it's strong and where it's weak."

"Trade associations, including NPOA have negotiated member discounts from various vendors, but there's always a better deal to be made. For those who don't know this, often times sales people won't come out and tell you that," Prejean notes with sarcasm. "You won't get a better deal unless you ask, and once you get a better deal you should keep on trying to get a better one. That's money coming directly off, or added directly to, your bottom line," Prejean adds.

NPOA Wants Your Input Regarding
Future Conference Site Selection

Whether or not you are planning on attending our upcoming Owners Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, we really need your input and feedback regarding future dates and locations for future meetings. We have prepared a very brief 9-question poll that should take you less than three minutes to complete. We would really appreciate your input. Take Our Survey Here! Please note that while the deadline is Jan. 23, 2014, completing it as early as possible will be a great help. Thanks so much.

Register Now - Time is Running Out!

Please don't delay your decision to register for this exciting conference until next month! The 2nd Annual NPOA Owners Conference, Feb. 27 - Mar. 2, 2014 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL is expected to be a sell-out. This is your opportunity to get away from the cold weather (at least for a few days) and attend great seminars and rub shoulders with fellow printers. Read more here.

2014 Conference Agenda Packed
With Information-Packed Seminars

Beginning with an energy-packed presentation by YouTube sensation Warren Werbitt, and continuing throughout the next two days with seminars by popular speakers such as Larry Hunt, Mike Stevens, Jennifer Matt, James Harmon and David King, this program is guaranteed to leave you with dozens and dozens of ideas to take back to your firms for implementation in 2014. Check-out 2014 Agenda here.

Most PrintOwners Subscribers Check List Serv Daily

Printowners poll photoMost subscribers to the popular PrintOwners list serv check their email at least once a day, according to the latest results of a survey conducted by NPOA. However, the vast majority of subscribers only attempt to post 1-3 times per month or less, notes this just-released study. Approximately 186 PrintOwner list subscribers responded to our recent poll.

A large percentage of subscribers are self-described "old-timers" with approximately 50% of our survey respondents claiming they have been members of the list serv for more than six years. More than 95% of our survey participants said they would highly recommend the list to fellow printers, with the only reservation expressed by many that, "The volume of email traffic on the list serv can overwhelm some owners." You can download a PDF of this detail report by clicking here: PrintOwners User Poll.

NPOA Publishes New Survey Results

NPOA Member SurveyThe vast majority of NPOA members gave a big "Thumbs Up" to the association in a recent survey of members. "Even though the board of directors is generally pleased with the findings, we know we have our work cut out for us in a number of areas," according to Jace Prejean, NPOA President.

Approximately 41% of NPOA members participated in the poll, conducted Nov. 11-15, 2013. More than 90% of those responding indicated that NPOA was performing either "Above their expectations" or that they were, "Generally very pleased" with the association's progress in the past 11 months. You can download the 4-page PDF of this report by clicking here.

Members Only Link Center

NPOA Members can now take advantage of some valuable links provided by Scott Cappel, one of NPOA's founders and industry expert when it comes to social media and anything "tech" related. Scott has provided an initial set of 19 links and resources pertinent within our industry. Scott is the owner of Sorrento Mesa Printing in San Diego. We appreciate Scott's efforts in providing these links, and we encourage other NPOA members to submit links of their own. Feel free, when submitting a suggested link, to provide 1-3 sentences describing your link and why you consider this site valuable.

The NPOA Link Center can be accessed through the "Members-Only" portion of our web site.

User Names & Passwords

If you joined NPOA prior to Oct. 24, 2013 you should have received an email on Nov. 1, 2013 between 8-10 p.m. with the subject line: "Welcome to the new NPOA website!"

That email contained details about our new site and included a User Name and Temporary Password to enable you to log-in to the Members Only portion of our site. Please check your spam folders and folders containing recently deleted emails for this important message. If you cannot find your User Name or Temporary Password, please contact us at or email NPOA's Director of Communications at

In the event that you have joined in the past seven days, you should be receiving a special email from us within the next 24 hours or so containing your user name and password. As part of the switch-over from one site to the next, we were required to submit our initial data base about seven days ago, and those who have joined during this period must be entered into the data base manually. Thanks for your understanding.

Travel Plans for 2014 NPOA Conference

Dear NPOA Memberswe've already had some inquiries from members asking for more details about 2014 Owners Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Although we plan on announcing a complete Agenda and program details within the next three weeks or so, there is something we need to address for those members who are using miles to make early travel reservations. 

While our current conference page provides some details, it is worth noting that we are offering members something totally different next year - a unique educational opportunity that may require arriving a day earlier than normal for many of our members.

Here's the deal in a Nut Shell - Our conference opens officially onThursday, Feb. 27, 2014, with registration throughout the day and a "Welcome Reception" scheduled that evening. Our seminars and breakout sessions will be held as usual on Friday, Feb. 28th and Saturday, Mar. 1st. However, Graphics of the Americas Expo (GOA), the country’s largest graphic arts trade show is being held in nearby Miami Beach at the very same time as our conference, and that's great news for many NPOA members.

Working in coordination with NPOA, the organizers of GOA have generously  extended to NPOA members a special offer of free admission to their trade show and free attendance to any of their educational programs being offered throughout their conference. Click here for Seminar Info GOA will also be providing NPOA members free shuttle transportation between our headquarters hotel in Fort Lauderdale and the GOA Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Should You Adjust Your Travel Plans? If NPOA members want to take advantage of the special arrangements noted above, it will mean (at least for many) that you will need to consider adjusting your travel plans so as to arrive on Wednesday, Feb. 26th, as opposed to the more traditional Thursday arrival.

By doing so, that will allow you to take full advantage of this unique educational arrangement with GOA. Yes, that means one extra night at the hotel, but the expanded educational opportunities may well be worth that extra investment for many of our members.

One additional and helpful fact.... the Renaissance Hotel (Plantation, FL) is less than an eight minute taxi ride from the Fort Lauderdale International, so whether you arrive late on Wednesday or early on Thursday you are just a very short distance from our Conference Hotel site.

Vendor Show2014 Owners Conference Features Vendor Showcase
Vendors and suppliers interested in participating at NPOA's Vendor Showcase, Feb. 28, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, FL can click here for further information about the conference and opportunities for vendors.