Using hashtags has become an essential element of online success. Each platform has their own rules and guidelines for hashtags, so understanding the basics of how to use them is #veryimportant. We understand that print owners don’t exactly have a lot of free time on their hands to learn social marketing strategies in addition to being experts on printing, design, large format, etc. Your friends at NPOA are here to help make this confusing topic more manageable for business owners like you.

How to Hashtag

Using a hashtag on a social post is really as simple as adding the # sign before a single word or phrase, without spaces or punctuation. You can also include numbers in your hashtags as well. Typing out a hashtag is simple enough, but there are some subtle nuances you should learn to get the most out of them. Typically, hashtags are used to emphasize a topic, to generalize a feeling or emotion. #learningsomuch

Why to Hashtag

Using hashtags help your target audience find you. People on all platforms desire to find other people or places with common interests, and thus turn to their search bar.

*insert stat about searching for common topics before committing to company for purchase* Individuals often turn to social media to find a local place to eat, find others who share interest in a niche topic, or to see what type of partners a company does work with.

Hashtag Rules:

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Director of the InfoTrends Business Development Group, Kate Dunn, has officially committed to a spot as a speaker during NPOA’s 2018 Owners Conference in February. Dunn brings buckets of wisdom from years of experience in the industry, so much so that we’ve asked her to speak not once, but twice. Her topics include:

Think You Don’t Have Time to Market Your Business? Think Again!
According to the 2017 Small Business Marketing Trends Report, almost half of small business owners handle their company’s marketing. In too many cases that means marketing efforts are sporadic or non-existent, leading to slow sales and lost opportunities. Find out how to build a marketing plan that you can actually execute, track what’s happening, and use the results to continually improve results.
The Best Practices of High Performance Sales Organizations
Learn the results of a 2017 InfoTrends study that uncovered what printing businesses of all sizes are doing that keeps them from building a growing business and the best practices used by small and large companies who are growing by double digits.


Dunn understands the print world from nearly all sides, which helps her develop key strategies for small and large businesses alike. She uses her decades of experience to marry sales and marketing tactics to define and achieve business goals. Dunn’s results-oriented attitude ultimately increases revenue by means of assessing business risks and opportunities, and building actionable sales and marketing plans.

Don’t miss an opportunity to listen to this award-winning leader reveal expert industry advice on cross-channel marketing, strategy, lead-generation activity, and sales training programs.


NPOA helps you Start Setting Appointments with Highly Qualified Prospects
in the Next 24 Hours!
  • Are you struggling to get face-to-face with qualified prospects?
  • Do you need to kick start your sales team’s production?

In The Cold Calling Survival Guide, Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling™, shares her proven methods and valuable insights to help you break through and start setting appointments right away.


The way the print industry does business has changed forever. 

  • The game has gotten harder
  • Budgets have gotten tighter
  • Buyers have less time
  • Buyers have more choices

Now more than ever, you need to be a Master at Customer Prospecting

If you are a print owner who is working really, really hard and yet not getting the number or quality of solid, high paying customers that you really want… If you need to:

  • Get better at prospecting
  • Gain control over sales and the sales cycle
  • Feel confident and comfortable
  • Sell more now

Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling™, has created a special offer just for us.

Click here to learn more about the Prospecting Mastery program and to take advantage of the NPOA Special Offer discount.


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Conference Videos Available
Free to All NPOA Members!

Conference Videos PromoWithin the next nine weeks, NPOA will begin distributing FREE videos of all major presentations from our our highly successful Owners Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Available to All NPOA Members - Videos will be made available not only to 2014 conference attendees but also to all NPOA members who are current on their dues. Members who have allowed their dues to lapse will have to reapply for membership and pay the new dues of $335 recently approved by the NPOA Board.

All nine major conference presentations were taped, including those by top-notch speakers such as Warren Werbitt, Gina Testa, Larry Hunt, Mike Stevens, Jennifer Matt, David King and James Harmon. Each session is being edited and as they are finished they will be released on the members-only portion of our web site.

Within the next week, all PowerPoint Presentations provided by our speakers will also be available on our site.

The decision to provide videos to all NPOA members, rather than to those who just attended the conference, was made only after a after thorough discussion of the "pros" and "cons" of such an action. "Will providing a valuable service to all members, rather than to just attendees, end up dissuading others from attending future conferences knowing videos might be available?" This was just one of the many questions raised during our discussion of session video tapes. In the end, the board decided it would deal and debate these specific issues prior to the next conference, but for now the board decided it has an extremely valuable member resource and it would be unfair if we were not to make this available to all our members.

We'll have lots more to report on these videos as they become available, and we'll let you know how to download them and where to go within the next few days. You can check back here for the latest info, and we'll also be posting announcements on the Printowners List as well as sending out various email blasts to members only.