Your NPOA leadership has commissioned Printing Industries of America's Center for Print Economics and Management to update our 2nd NPOA Signs and Wide Format Pricing Study. This is the only officially sanctioned NPOA survey and report on this important topic.

The survey and report will be similar to the previous NPOA version.

In the next few days NPOA members will receive a notice on how to participate in the survey.

All NPOA members are strongly encouraged to participate.

Thank you,
Barry Martin
Chairman NPOA
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Xerox Video Features NPOA Member

Xerox Releases Video on New Versant 80

Betsy Allen, owner of Cortland Press & Carbon Copies, Cortland, NY, and newly elected member of the board of directors of NPOA, is star in a new video released by Xerox. Cortlant Press is currently beta-testing the brand new Xerox Versant 80 Production Color Printer. Because of Cortland's reputation for superior quality, attention to detail and the diversity of the jobs they run, Cortland was one of only two test sites in the world selectedby Xerox for the initial beta testing. The video highlight's Allen's shop as well as the versatility of the new digital press. For additional information on the Versant 80, go to: Check-out our blog in the next week or so for additional information on Betsy's recent election to the NPOA Board of Directors, where she will fill the position of NPOA Secretary. 


I Am Not Moving From This Blanket
Until We Sign-up A Printer in South Dakota

"Nope, nope, nope... I am not getting off this blanket
until someone from South Dakota joins our Association."
NPOA now has members in 49 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We also have members in South America, Africa, the West Indies and even our friend Harry Brelsford in Australia is a member. What we don't have but we are looking very hard to find is a printer from South Dakota to join our ranks. We'll even run a special feature on this hold-out state. So if you know anyone in South Dakota (it's just below North Dakota) why not forward this on to him or her and encourage them to join. That will be big day for NPOA!