Fineeye Offers Free Webinar to NPOA Members: 
5 Easy Steps to Start Making Money with your Proofing System

 If you are in the printing and publishing industry then attend Fineeye's free live webinar on June 30, 2014 from 11:00-11:30 a.m. We’ll tell you how you can increase the profits from your proofing system by turning it into a production printer with a few simple steps. After the webinar, we will host a live Q&A where we will have our expert color technicians in house to provide you with answers to any questions you may have.Register at: NPOA Members use code: NPOAFEV 

FineEye Color is a company based out of Grand Rapid, Michigan committed to delivering our customers the best inkjet media, software, and support in the industry. Reach Fineeye at:   616-988-6119. FineEye has also provided NPOA with an excellent white paper Choosing the Right Aqueous Inkjet Media. Feel free to download this PDF.  

Members-Only Download...

NPOA Offers Special Breakout
On Profitability of Brokered Work

Although the size of the extraction is smaller than we would have liked, NPOA was recently asked to prepare a special extraction comparing the profitability and key ratios of firms that tend to broker substantially more than the industry average of 16-17% of total sales. The new breakout demonstrates the disparity in profitability among companies that tend to broker significant amounts of their work to others.

Using an initial search criteria of firms that brokered 25% or more of their sales to others, we uncovered 30 companies that met that criteria. Working with this data, we then sorted the companies by profitability and extracted the top-third and the bottom third for purposes of comparing key ratios. NPOA members can click here to both view the full report as well as download the PDF of this special ratio analysis. 


 A Simplified Spreadsheet Designed to Assist
Printing Firm Owners Decide Upgrade Costs & Benefits

Dellinger-stewart spreadsheet

This new spreadsheet is free to both NPOA members and non-members. It is a collaborative effort between Craig Dellinger, NEWHAVENPRINT, Fort Wayne, IN and NPOA staff. The sheet is not designed to capture or anticipate all the variable costs and considerations that go into the decision as to,"Should I keep my old copier, or is it now time to upgrade to a new one?" However, it does quickly answer some basic questions, especially those related to monthly costs (and potential savings) based upon various quantity considerations. Click here or on the jpg to the right to download spreadsheet. 

Just-Released NPOA Benchmark Study
Receives High Praise from Participants

Although the new 2014-2015 Financial Benchmarking Study has been out less than two weeks, it is already receiving high praise from those who participated. Copies of the study were mailed to all participants on May 12-13, 2014. If you have not yet received your copy we ask you to be patient and wait at least until June 5, 2014 before contacting us. NPOA decided to provide all participants with a printed copy as opposed to a PDF because of the enhanced value we believe the former provides. Unfortunately, we also have to rely on the USPS for delivery of these studies. We ask for your patience.

For those who did not participate,
maybe the comments shown below will encourage you to purchase your own copy of this valuable document. The Benchmarking Study retails for $225, but NPOA members can purchase this study for Only $135 - reflecting a 40% discount for members.

The study can be purchased through the NPOA Bookstore. Now for some of the testimonials we've received... (New testimonials added weekly) Be sure to click the Read More button below to read some of the testimonials we have received. Thanks to Ricoh-USA for their sponsorship of this study.

“Awesome as expected. Thanks very much.”Bill Werkheiser,SE Printech, Glennville, GA

“No where else can we get such invaluable accurate info to help us understand our strengths, weaknesses and howe we stack up compared to others with similar businesses.” Jace Prejean, Bayou Printing & Graphics, Houma, LA

“The personalization of the study adds a unique value to the report.”  Bill Harden, Accel Printing & Graphics, Mount Kisco, NY

“Thanks for putting my shop’s figures next to the others. That lets me see how I am doing from a very different angle.” Juliann Jacoby, Blacksmith Printing & Copy, Wolfesboro, NH

"Every print shop owner should take the time to participate to get this study. The value is incredible." Mike Geygan, Minuteman Press, Lebanon, OH

"Just showing this personalized report to my banker got me the line of credit approval I was waiting for!" Paula Fargo, Curry Printing, Baltimore, MD

"The personalized report gave me more solid financial answers in 15 minutes than I get in hours pouring over my financials. Thanks!" Mark Rowley, ImagePro Printing & Copying, Cedar City, UT

"We found it was valuable to compare our company with other companies and profit leaders. Overall, we are doing pretty good." Caitlin Sullivan, Furbush-Roberts Printing, Bangor, ME

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NPOA-Pak Schedule Released

NPOA Envelope artNPOA has just published its schedule for future NPOA-Pak mailings. The first NPOA-Pak, containing inserts from eight of our Associate Members, along with a copy of NPOA's May Newsletter, was mailed to all association members May 16-19th. Initial feedback from members has been very positive. Associate Members who would like to utilize this inexpensive method for contacting NPOA members can read more about this easy-to-use service here.

NPOA Executive Director Addresses Bindery Association

Rising Labor Costs Seen as
“Green Button” Technology Driver

Speaking at the BindRite 2014 annual meeting, National Print Owners Association (NPOA) president John Stewart made a compelling case for more automation in post print processes such as binding, lamination and paper handling, as well as expanded services such as wide format graphics and mailing services. In a tour de force of quick printing industry financial trends, Stewart presented statistics derived from NPOA’s just released 2014-2015 Financial Benchmarking Study. The study includes such fundamentals as annual sales, cost of goods and payroll. Go here for rest of news release. P.S. BindRite Dealers Association is an NPOA Associate member.

New Financial Goal Sheet Now Available

A newly revised "Financial Goal" Sheet, based upon the findings of the just-released NPOA 2014-2015 Financial Benchmarking Study is now available. This sheet highlights the key ratios such as cost of goods, payroll and overhead expenses achieved by the top 25% in our industry in terms of profitability. This is a must-read single sheet that should be printed and affixed to every owner's office bulletin board. Click here to read and download your copy of the Financial Goal Sheet. 

Hot Off the Press

Benchmarking Study Executive Summary
Available Free to All NPOA Members!

Benchmark Study Exec Summary CovFollowing immediately on the heals of the release of NPOA's 100+ page 2014-2015 Financial Benchmarking Study (Mailed May 9-16 to all participants), NPOA is now making available, as promised, a FREE "Executive Summary" of the study to all NPOA members. Go here to download your Executive Summary.

Members can download this valuable document now. Please remember that this is an exclusive member benefit for NPOA members only, and we request that you not share this document with others. For best value and viewing, we strongly suggest that you print this PDF on a digital color device and then bind appropriately. Thank you for your continued support of NPOA and its research efforts.


Purchasing Complete 100+ Page Study - NPOA members and non-members can purchase this study now. It is sold on a 100% Money-Back guarantee and all orders are shipped same day as received via USPS via Priority Mail. Sorry, only hard copies of this report are available. You can place your order by visiting the NPOA Bookstore

Print & Post

Our Special Save the Date Announcement

Mark Your Calendar Today - We've made our official site selection and chosen the dates for our 3rd Annual Owner's Conference. Even though it may seem early, we want you to circle your calendar for 2015 and put aside the dates of April 16-18, 2015 and plan on joining fellow printers in Orlando, FL at the Buena Vista Hotel & Spa, Disney World Resort. With room rates lower than what we negotiated both in 2013 and 2014, this conference promises to be the "best-ever" and we just want to make sure that you are going to be part of this spectacular event. Knowing you may want to extend your visit to warm Florida, we just wanted to give you a heads up on our program dates! We look forward to seeing you.

2015 Owners Conference Moves to Orlando
With Expanded Vendor Show Space and Hours

Buena Vista HotelMelbourne, FL
– The National Print Owners Association (NPOA) has selected the times and venue for its 2015 National Owners Conference. The event will be held from Thursday April 16 through Saturday April 18 at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel which is on Disney property and directly overlooks Downtown Disney. The program, which is now being developed, will feature a full educational slate covering the latest technologies and profit opportunities, as well as several social functions for attendees. In addition, the Supplier Showcase hours will be increased and the floor space expanded to accommodate more exhibits and offer attendees more time to interact with vendors.

A special $149 a night room rate has been negotiated, which is $10 cheaper than the 2014 conference room rate. The time and site selection reflect NPOA member feedback on preferences for a venue closer to dining and entertainment options. The Buena Vista Palace Hotel is within walking distance of 25 widely varying restaurants and nightspots in Downtown Disney. There is also shuttle bus service from the hotel connecting to all the major Disney theme park attractions. Additional details on registration, conference program, and transportation will soon be available at the NPOA website

NPOA Bookstore Puts
2012-13 Pricing Study on Sale

Here's your chance to purchase the 2012-2013 Printing Industry Pricing Study at the lowest price this study has ever been offered. This study still offers current pricing information on dozens and dozens of offset and digital services - prices are provided both for regular "retail" as well as "aggressive" pricing practices. This study continues to retail for $179 and copies are sold every week at that price. The special NPOA price in our Bookstore has been $125.30, reflecting a significant 30% discount for NPOA members.

Now things have gotten even better! For a limited time, or until our inventory runs out, NPOA is offering this study at a Special Clearance Price of Only $105, including shipping and handling. Place your order early if you want to get your hands on this popular study. Once our inventory runs out this study will revert to normal Bookstore Pricing.

NPOA Publishes 1st
Vendor News Bulletin

NPOA has just released its first "Vendor News Bulletin." The bulletin is designed to serve regular NPOA members as well as its Associate Members by providing the latter with an opportunity to communicate directly with our regular members regarding upcoming seminars, programs, webinars and other offers being offered by our Associate Members.

Vendor News Bulletin

The first Vendor News Bulletin was distributed to all NPOA members on April 30th. If you missed that special email, you can follow the links to read about special offers being made by our Associate Members. We encourage all members to support our Associate Members by giving them five minutes of your time and reviewing the special announcements and offers being provided to NPOA. 

NPOA Benchmarking Study Reports
Profits Are Up For "Some" in Industry

Average industry profits are up for the first time in eight years according to preliminary data coming out of early analysis from NPOA's recently concluded 2014-15 Benchmarking Survey.

SPE Chart

According to our initial analysis of data, average industry profitability for 2013 was 13.67%, compared to 11.52% reported for the industry in 2011. The last time average profitability topped 13% was in 2005 when industry profitability was 13.43%, according to the 2006-2007 Operating Ratio Study published by PrintImage International. Average industry Sales Per Employee is now approximately $124,000, despite the fact that many printers in our recently conducted survey reported SPE's far lower.

For additional charts and graphs, as well as other information on key industry ratios NPOA Members can click here. 

Members Can Attend PIA Conference
June 2-3 in Dallas at PIA Member Rates

Jeff Ekstein, Chairman of the Board of PIA, has extended PIA Registration rates to all NPOA Members who are interested in attending their 2014 Print Leadership Summit, set for June 2-3, 2014 in Dallas, TX. Scheduled to be held at the Fairmont Hotel, PIA has put together an excellent schedule of speakers from the printing industry - leaders who will explore best practices, technology solutions and secrets of profit leaders. The summit will feature 27 sessions with three tracks. NPOA members who register by April 15 can register for only $495. View entire program here, or visit

Six 2014 Conference Videos Now
Available For Members Only!

Retired PrintersDelivering as promised and ahead of schedule, NPOA has now posted six of eight key conference videos (along with their respective handouts) on the members-only portion of our web site. Videos by Warren Werbitt, Gina Testa, Larry Hunt, Mike Stevens, Jennifer Matt along with a special video of NPOA's popular "Retired Printers Panel" are now ready for viewing. As noted on the Conference PDF and Video Page, we strongly advise setting aside some dedicated time to view these videos. They are packed with information you can use to improve the way you run your business, but only if you are willing to take the time to view them, take notes and then take some of the follow-up actions suggested by the speakers.

Conference Site Survey Results Released

Break Session photoNPOA members can now view the results of our recently conducted survey of our membership that explored preferences for future Owner's Conferences. View and read about some of the factors that will be considered as NPOA decides on site for the 2015 NPOA Owners Conference.


NPOA Conference Speaker Highlights Video

Although the initial release of videos from our 2nd NPOA Owners Conference is still about a week away, you can go here to view a nine-minute video of the nine speakers who addressed our conference. We will update you when full videos become available. Until then, enjoy!

Critically Important Financial Report
Available to All Survey Participants

Benchmark covNPOA has just launched a new survey on financial ratios. The 2014-2015 Financial Benchmarking Survey is being distributed free to more than 30,000 printers in the U.S. and Canada. The results of the study are expected to be published in early May, and they will be provided free to all participants who submit their survey form by the March 31, 2014 deadline. This survey and the resulting publication of the data is considered by many to be the most valuable document published in the printing industry. "Although the subject matter is not quite as 'sexy' and studies dealing with pricing, mailing services and sign-making, the results of this specific study, if analyzed carefully and implemented by an owner, can turn almost any firm from an 'also ran' into a true 'profit leader' in a very short period of time," explains NPOA Executive Director John Stewart. For further details go here.

Conference Videos Available
Free to All NPOA Members!

Conference Videos PromoWithin the next nine weeks, NPOA will begin distributing FREE videos of all major presentations from our our highly successful Owners Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Available to All NPOA Members - Videos will be made available not only to 2014 conference attendees but also to all NPOA members who are current on their dues. Members who have allowed their dues to lapse will have to reapply for membership and pay the new dues of $335 recently approved by the NPOA Board.

All nine major conference presentations were taped, including those by top-notch speakers such as Warren Werbitt, Gina Testa, Larry Hunt, Mike Stevens, Jennifer Matt, David King and James Harmon. Each session is being edited and as they are finished they will be released on the members-only portion of our web site.

Within the next week, all PowerPoint Presentations provided by our speakers will also be available on our site.

The decision to provide videos to all NPOA members, rather than to those who just attended the conference, was made only after a after thorough discussion of the "pros" and "cons" of such an action. "Will providing a valuable service to all members, rather than to just attendees, end up dissuading others from attending future conferences knowing videos might be available?" This was just one of the many questions raised during our discussion of session video tapes. In the end, the board decided it would deal and debate these specific issues prior to the next conference, but for now the board decided it has an extremely valuable member resource and it would be unfair if we were not to make this available to all our members.

We'll have lots more to report on these videos as they become available, and we'll let you know how to download them and where to go within the next few days. You can check back here for the latest info, and we'll also be posting announcements on the Printowners List as well as sending out various email blasts to members only.


Check-Out Expanded Links

Thanks to NPOA member David Doost, we have added some very useful links in our NPOA Link Center. Doost offers up some very good links for obtaining free, high quality photos, most of which require no credit, while others require minor credit or attribution to the photographer. Check them out!