NPOA Releases Executive Summary
Of New Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study

NPOA has just released a 40-page Executive Summary of its latest industry research project - the 2015-2016 Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study. The Executive Summary is available for NPOA members only.

To download your copy, visit the NPOA main page and then select MEMBERSHIP > MEMBERS ONLY. Although the Executive Summary is not meant to be a substitute for the entire 100+ page study, it nonetheless provides an excellent overview of pricing practices and trends in the signs and wide format industry. The complete 100+ page study was released last week and distributed to more than 200 companies who participated in the original survey and submitted their survey forms by the published deadlines. More than 40 companies who pre-ordered the study have also received their links as well. To purchase the complete study, visit the NPOA Bookstore. 

Do Contracts Promoted by Associations
And Franchisors Offer the Best Deals?


Newsletter Publisher and guest columnist Dirck Holscher offers 14 steps for getting the very best deal on your next color or B&W digital printer/copier. Holscher refutes the often-held belief that you must have access to association-negotiated purchasing contracts or special pricing offered by franchisors in order to strike the best deal on a digital printer or copier.

In fact, as you read this NPOA "members-only" article, you will understand why in many cases the older the contract the more it can hurt you by going with the "contract price."

Titled, "Do Association & Franchise Purchase Agreements Always Insure You'll Receive the Best Deal," this article offers up a 14-Item checklist that should prove helpful to NPOA members considering their next copier purchase. Click here to read the full article. Remember, you will need your user name and password to access the column.

Pre-Order and Save 15%

Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study
Set for Release Week of June 1st

NPOA will begin distributing the 2015-2016 Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study during the first week of June. Approximately 215 Firms who participated in the survey as well as companies who pre-ordered their copy, will receive a special email between June 1-5 providing detailed instructions on where to go to download the study.

Although the Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study will retail for $195, NPOA members can purchase the complete study for Only $117, representing a 40% member-discount. However, members can save an additional 15% off the member price and pay only $99 but they must pre-order before June 1, 2015. Once the study is formally released, NPOA member pricing will revert to $117. Place your order today by visiting the NPOA Bookstore. NPOA will also be distributing a condensed "Executive Summary" of the new Signs and Wide Format Study to all NPOA members between June 8-12.

NPOA's newest industry study is more than 100+ pages and is packed with useful pricing information banners, posters, dozens of substrates, decals and much, much more.... Members can still take advantage of special pre-order pricing by reading below. To preview some of the charts contained in the study as well as check the official list of Study Participants click here

100+ Page Pricing Study Released

NPOA Signs & Wide Format Study
Distributed to Participants June 3, 2015

All owners, both NPOA members as well as non-members, who participated in the 2015-2016 Signs & Wide Format Pricing Survey have received a link directing them to a confidential site for downloading this just released study. Look for the email with the subject line: "Confidential - Your Sign Study PDF Link." To confirm whether you are on the official distribution list please click here. If you believe you participated in this study, but do not find your name on the list, you will be asked to provide copies of your previously submitted survey form to confirm your participation.

This New 100+ page study not only provides popularity and user ratings for printers, RIPS, cutters and laminators used in the sign industry, it also reveals the latest pricing practices for 18 of industry's most popular substrates. The study also includes both suggested retail and discounted prices provided by survey participants. Some of the substrates and products covered in this pricing study include standard vinyl, outdoor banners, banner mesh, wall vinyls, foam core, and corrugated plastic. Other products covered include cast vinyl, ACM Panel, art canvas, magnetic and PVC plastic.

Many of the more popular sign-industry products such as banners, foam core, Coroplast, aluminum signs as well as square-cut and contour-cut decals are priced based both on various sizes and quantities ordered. Pricing for simple vehicle decals, flat surface vehicle wraps and window perfs are also covered in this brand-new study! This study also compares the pricing practices of small firms versus large volume firms in terms of annual sign sales!

This study is sold on a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

To Order Your Copy, Visit the
NPOA Bookstore

Copies available either as a PDF (shipped within 12 hours)
or as Hard Copies (shipped within 24 hours via USPS Priority Mail.)

NPOA Member Price: $117       Non-Member Price: $195

NPOA Offers Preview of 2015-2016
Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study

The 2015-2016 Signs and Wide Format Pricing Study, published by the National Print Owners Association and QP Consulting, Inc., is scheduled for release on or before June 1, 2015. NPOA’s soon-to-be-released study contains more than 800 average, median and unit prices for a broad variety of sign products and services.

More than 230 firms participated in this latest association sponsored survey. According to preliminary data, the average annual sales for our survey participants in 2014 was $1,421,000, while the median sales was $765,000. When asked what “What percent of those sales were attributed to signs and wide format products” the average was 9.8%, or $139,000. The median percent of sign sales was 6.2% or $47,600. Below is just one of more than two dozen graphs and charts scheduled to appear in the final study. Visitors can get more information about what to expect from this new study by Clicking Here. NPOA members can get an even closer, "early bird" look at average ratings provided by survey participants for specific printers, RIPs, laminators and cutters by visiting this special Members Only page.

NPOA Launches Peer Group Page

NPOA Assists Members
With Peer Group Data

Following up on promises made by NPOA to attendees at its 3rd Annual Owners Conference in Orlando last month, NPOA has now launched a new, "Members-Only" page to provide association members with some of the basic information needed to decide whether peer groups are the "way to go," and who to contact if you wish to further pursue the goal. The idea for providing such assistance came during a popular seminar at the conference titled "Pick Your Partners" and hosted by popular industry consultant Mitch Evans.

Peer Group Panelists Ed Guiles (ASAP Printing, Okemus, MI), Dave Monto (Dutchess ProPrint, Wappingers Falls, NY) and Sam Pulice, (Mojave Copy & Signs, Victorville, CA), all stressed to the audience how membership in peer groups had benefited their own operations. The panelists also stressed the importance of being willing to both give advice as well as accept advice from fellow peer group members. "If you're not willing to share detailed financial information about your company's performance, both the good and the bad, then peer groups are probably not for you," was one of the themes addressed during the fast-paced presentation. 

Peer Group Facilitators as well as NPOA members looking for additional information about peer groups are urged to contact NPOA directly at: [email protected]

NPOA Conference Sets Attendance Record

More than 160 NPOA Members Show Up
For Owners Conference in Orlando

Ryan Sauers, one of many popular speakers at NPOA's 3rd Annual Owners Conference in Orlando, FL April 16-18, poses with his daughter Brooke just prior to conducting one of two of his popular seminars. Brooke was also one of the hits at the NPOA popular Ideas Exchange as she raced between tables offering the mike to attendees who wanted to share their winning ideas for increasing sales and marketing efforts. For more photos taken at the conference click here. To view photos of conference attendees posing with the ever-popular Mickey Mouse, click on Mickey Mouse.


More than 160 owners, spouses, associate members and vendors attended the conference, with the vast majority rating the conference the best ever! More conference details along with links to various PDFs and handouts will be made available shortly. NPOA also announced that San Antonio will be the site of its next Owners Conference, April 14-16, 2016. If you haven't had a chance to view the video, visit our home page and click on video!   


More Than 200 Firms Complete
Sign & Wide Format Survey!

NPOA closes out sign survey with more than 200 respondents.... NPOA's first-ever survey of pricing practices in the sign industry ended with a bang, receiving more than 40 surveys in the last five days! Early examination of the data indicates an extremely low margin of error, thus assuring that NPOA will be able to publish highly accurate data on some of the most common sign products and services.

The New Survey is expected to be released in late May. All firms submitting a completed survey will receive a free copy of the final study. The survey covers some of the most popular services in the sign industry, including laminating charges, banners, and posters. The study will include specific pricing for substrates such as Foam Core, Coroplast, ACM, aluminum and magnetic. Pricing data will include pricing based upon square footage, quantities and specific sizes.

Price of the final study will be $195 for non-members, and $117 for NPOA members.

Leveraging Print MIS Customer Data to drive leads

Customer Loyalty and Lead Generation
Webinar Video Released by Survey Advantage

Survey Advantage, an NPOA Associate Member and Vendor Partner at the association's upcoming conference in Orlando, has just released a 7-minute video detailing how printers can increase repeat purchases, improve customer retention, generate leads and drive 5-star online reviews to their website. The new video highlights the many unique features of Survey Advantage's special CustomerPulse™ service, according to Michael Casey, President of Survey Advantage. Casey has been involved  in customer service, sales, and marketing for more than 30 years and currently helps more than 700 printers from across the country.

Many printers fail to leverage loyalty - According to Casey, 82% of print buyers are very likely to recommend their printer to other business owners, but few printers effectively leverage this loyalty. Learn how printers use CustomerPulse™ to drive five-star reviews to help them further market their business. In this  7-minute video, Casey shares an innovative way to leverage customer loyalty to drive sales and marketing. Survey Advantage is a NPOA Vendor Partner. Click here to view the video.

As an added incentive - During the month of April, Survey Advantage is offering NPOA members a 50% discount on all setup fees (Savings of up to $150.)

Members Respond to Survey on Conferences

Almost 70% of NPOA Members
Say Conferences Are Important! 

Thanks in large measure to the willingness of NPOA members to provide their input, the Board of Directors of the association has received some valued input as a result of a NPOA Member Survey conducted in early March 2015. The survey was designed to elicit member opinions on topics such as annual conferences, association services and topics of greatest interest. The new survey uncovered some interesting results regarding the value of annual conferences as well as the potential value of taking shorter programs and seminars "On the road."

More than 30% of NPOA’s membership answered the eight-question survey. As the survey stressed, the association is “constantly striving to improve our member services, and one of the best ways to do this is simply by asking for your opinions and asking you what you want from your association.” This specific member survey concentrated on the association’s educational efforts, with special emphasis on owner’s conferences and other special programs. NPOA members can read the full story and review some of the revealing graphs by clicking here

Meet NPOA's Newest Board Member...

3rd Generation Print Shop Owner
Is Appointed Secretary of NPOA

Betsy Allen, a third generation print shop owner from Cortland, NY was recently elected by the NPOA Board of Directors to fill an existing vacancy on the board. She will fill the position of "NPOA Secretary." For a complete list of officers, click here. Betsy has been working in the printing industry full-time for thirty years. She grew up in her family’s shop, Cortland Press, which was started by her Grandfather, Hershel Cross, in 1957 and was passed on to her parents in 1978.  

In 2004, Betsy and her husband Paul founded a completely new, digital, print & copy business with a storefront on Main Street in Cortland, NY - Carbon Copies. Betsy took over ownership of Cortland Press in 2005 and Betsy and Paul joined the two businesses later that year. 

Today, Betsy runs Cortland Press & Carbon Copies on Main Street in Cortland; she has grown the combined shops into a very busy commercial and offset printing center that has a reputation for superior quality, attention to detail and the diversity of the types of jobs that they run.

Xerox recently reached out and asked them to be one of only two test sites in the world (the other in Europe) for a three month period of the recently released Xerox Versant 80 digital press. Xerox sent a film crew in to capture Betsy’s impression of the press. The video can be viewed here


First-Ever Survey Covers Pricing
For Signs, Banners & Decals

NPOA is proud to launch a brand new survey designed to help small to medium size companies currently providing sign and wide format services get a better handle on pricing practices! Every firm that submits a completed survey by the April 3, 2015 Deadline will receive a complete copy of the final study. We estimate this survey should take less than 20 minutes to complete. Don't miss out on receiving what promises to be a premier pricing study on signs and wide format.

The Process for Receiving you FREE copy is simple - First,  click here or the link to the left to download the PDF worksheet. Once completed, you will then go to our survey site where you will re-enter your prices into our on-line Electronic Survey Form. You will receive your FREE study within 45 days after the deadline.

Signs and Wide Format Pricing Topics Covered...
Below are a few of the services and products covered in this brand new survey:

Primary & Secondary Printers & Rips, plus ratings
Popular Plotters, Cutters and Laminators
Laminating Prices
Square foot pricing for more than 15 distinct substrates
Sample Banner Pricing
Pricing for Foam Core, Coroplast, Aluminum and Magnetic Signs
Decal Pricing for square and contour cuts
Vehicle Decals and Window Perfs
Installation & Travel Charges

This Study will retail for at least $195, but it can be yours absolutely FREE if you complete and return the survey by the April 3, 2015 Deadline.

PUBLISHER NOTES: Since the survey was first released, we have made two minor changes in questions for clarification purposes. Part 2, Question #5 asks you to provide prices (Retail and Discounted) on a Per Square Foot Basis. For those who use sliding scales for this type of pricing, we have specified that these laminating jobs would involve a total of 12 square feet. A similar change has been made for the listing of substrates in Part 3, Question #1 where we ask you to provide per square foot pricing on jobs that would involve a total of 24 square feet.( i.e. one 2' x 12' banner, two 3' x 4' wall graphics, or four 2' x 3' posters on Foamcore white 3/16")

Ever Wonder if a NPOA Member is Nearby?

 Traveling across the country or just looking for a fellow NPOA member that might be located nearby? Simply visit the NPOA  "Our Member Map" where you can zoom in or out as well as pan across to find specific members and their locations. Sorry, the map above does not depict our three members in Hawaii, the West Indies or our long-time NPOA member Harry Brelsford located in Australia.

Still looking for a SD Printer - P.S. We are still looking to complete our list of having at least one printer in every state  by recruiting a printer from South Dakota. If you know of a printer there and can convince him or her to join both you and the firm in South Dakota will be entitled to a special publication offer from NPOA. 

Will Rogers

"A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and 
the other by association with smarter people."
NPOA offers the ideal opportunity to associate with smarter people at its upcoming Owners Conference, April 16-18, in Orlando FL. 
We've assembled a great cast of industry experts, consultants, vendors as well as individuals such as yourself and provided the forum for attending some outstanding educational sessions designed to help you grow your business, AND It's not too late to register for this conference. Click here to view the conference agenda, or go directly to our conference registration form. We look forward to seeing you in sunny Florida.

NPOA Releases New Webinar Video

The Power & Simplicity of Every Door Direct Mail

Eighty percent of consumers’ disposable income is still spent on businesses within 10 miles of their homes. Are you helping your printing-buying customers reach their customers within those ten miles? Direct mail is still relevant in a digital world, and Every Door Direct Mail makes connecting with consumers fast, easy, and effective. This webinar features USPS expert Connie Jacoby, Direct Marketing Specialist at United States Postal Service, who speaks on "The Power and Simplicity of Every Door Direct Mail." Connie provides the audience with a quick introduction to EDDM basics, and then talks about how you can use EDDM to bring more value to your print-buying customers’ direct mail projects. Click here to view this an other videos. You will be requested to sign in with your user name and password to access this webinar.

Proudly sponsored by... This webinar, provided by NPOA as an exclusive, members-only benefit, is being presented by the USPS for the National Print Owners Association, and is sponsored by Marketing Ideas For Printers. More than 140 printers attended this webinar when it was first offered, but if you missed it and you are an NPOA member you can now view the video as well as download a PDF of the presentation.

Xerox Video Features NPOA Member

Xerox Releases Video on New Versant 80

Betsy Allen, owner of Cortland Press & Carbon Copies, Cortland, NY, and newly elected member of the board of directors of NPOA, is star in a new video released by Xerox. Cortlant Press is currently beta-testing the brand new Xerox Versant 80 Production Color Printer. Because of Cortland's reputation for superior quality, attention to detail and the diversity of the jobs they run, Cortland was one of only two test sites in the world selectedby Xerox for the initial beta testing. The video highlight's Allen's shop as well as the versatility of the new digital press. For additional information on the Versant 80, go to: Check-out our blog in the next week or so for additional information on Betsy's recent election to the NPOA Board of Directors, where she will fill the position of NPOA Secretary. 


NPOA Needs Your Input

Please Give Us 5 Minutes of Your Time

Our latest member-survey will close-out Wednesday, March 4th at midnight, and we'd definitely like to hear from you before that happens. We are constantly striving to improve our member services, and one of the best ways to do this is simply by asking for your opinions and asking you what you want from your association. Please take our five-minutes survey by clicking here.
As always, there are no secrets at NPOA. This is an association run by printers for printers, and consequently we will report the results of this survey probably within the next two weeks. Thanks for your help.

"Early Bird" Registration Deadline
Extended to March 15, 2015!

Procrastinators as well as printers who are still digging out from record-snowfalls this winter just got some great news!
NPOA's Conference Coordinator Becky Whatley announced this weekend that the "Early Bird" Deadline for registering for NPOA's Owners Conference has been officially extended to March 15th!
Instead of paying $525 (post "Early Bird" rate), attendees can still save $80 and register for this outstanding conference for only $445 for primary registrants and $395 for additional registrants... plus, of course, our low, low social registrations fees of only $99.00.
Conference Highlights - Click here to view our Conference Highlights page as well as to complete our easy-to-use, two-minute registration form.  Remember to make your hotel reservations as soon as possible sine our guaranteed room block is filling up fast!
Take our five-minutes survey...
NPOA Needs Your Input
NPOA is constantly striving to improve member services, and one of the ways we do this is simply by asking for your opinions and asking you what you want from your association. Please take our five-minutes survey by clicking here. As always, there are no secrets at NPOA. This is an association run by printers for printers. We will report the results of this survey probably within the next two weeks. Thanks for your help.

Another Members-Only Service from NPOA...

Mailing Study Executive Summary Now
Available in NPOA "Members-Only" Section

The "Executive Summary" of the 2015-2016 Mailing Services Pricing Study is now available for download from the Members-Only portion of our web site. The summary is 52-pages in length and provides a solid, in-depth look at many of the mailing services covered in the complete study. Although we constantly urge NPOA members to participate in all surveys and thus receive complete copies of the final studies, we know that is not realistic. Therefore, we do the very next best thing and that is to provide all members, regardless of whether they participated or not, with a thorough summary of some of the basic findings contained in the study.

To download your copy, simply click here. You will need your user name and password to download the study.  (P.S. If you have lost or can't remember your user name or password, there are two links to on the sign-page to help you retrieve them. To purchase the complete 130-page study, visit the NPOA Bookstore. Retail Price of the Mailing Study is $195. The NPOA Member-Only Price is $117, a 40% member discount. Studies are available either as a PDF or hard-copy