Larry Hunt Video Explains How To 
Calculate a Company's Break-Even Point

NPOA has just posted the 2nd of four videos by long-time industry expert and author Larry Hunt. Each video is approximately 5-minutes in length and the handouts used by Hunt to illustrate the topic are available as PDF downloads. You must be an NPOA member to view these important and informative videos. Click Here to View Videos.

    •   “Mastering the 80-20 Rule.” << Posted
    •   “What Is Your Company’s Break-Even Point” << Posted
    •   “Customer Service – An Important Key to Success,” (Scheduled for release 10/2/14)
    •   “Understanding Mark-up vs. Margin,” (Scheduled for release 10/20/14)

 Check out a brief highlights video at NPOA's Home Page.  

Special Offer from NPOA Associate Member

BindRite Offers Binding Component 
Sizing Gauge Free

NPOA Associate Member Makes Special Offer to members - The BindRite Wire, Comb and Coil Sizing Gauge takes the guesswork out of choosing component diameters for most punch and bind applications. This unique tool features sizing guides for Wire-O and Comb on one end and Plastic Coil on the other. The gauge also shows hole patterns for 2:1 and 3:1 pitch Wire-O on one side and patterns for 4:1 pitch Plastic Coil and Comb patterns on the other side. In addition, the 14" gauge tool also contains charts relating to component diameter, booklet thickness and sheet numbers per document for all three binding component types.

To order your free sizing gauge, please visit our web page:

NPOA Welcomes 16 New Members

Who Have Joined Since August 1st!

Although NPOA welcomes aboard every new association member with a "Welcoming Aboard Packet," we wanted to say a special "hello" and "welcome" to 16 new companies who have joined our ranks since Aug. 1, 2014. NPOA enters all new members on our Membership Map as well as to our special list of New Members, Thanks to the following printers, as well as to all of you who have joined our association since late December 2012, for making our young association the success that it is today:   

  • Chris Beals, Linden-Beals Corp., 1547 20th Street, Vero Beach FL 
  • Michael Brown, AlphaGraphics, 8135 Lyndhurst Ct., Cincinnati OH 
  • Sam Wright, Tri-State Printing, Inc., 120 Bester St., Hagerstown MD 
  • Robert Molacek, RJM Printing, Inc., 7793 Ranchers Road NE, Fridley MN 
  • Michael Chamberlain, Printed Products, Inc., 1144 E. Haskell St., Tulsa OK 
  • James Bowdring, Superior Promotions, 407R Mystic Ave., #34A Medford MA 
  • Susan Valdes, Print Express, 7201 Jefferson NE, Albuquerque NM 
  • Hal Collins Collins, Digital Imaging, 230 Woodchase Close NE, Atlanta GA 
  • Craig Dellinger, New Haven Print, 7531 US 930, East Fort Wayne IN 
  • Bethuel Thai, First Print It (Pty) Ltd., P.O. Box 14129, Maseru LS 
  • Mary McIver, Piedmont Direct, 901-A Norwalk St., Greensboro NC 
  • Robert Cullum, PBR Graphics, Inc., 20 Railroad Ave., Albany NY 
  • Robert Sovik, Copy Solutions, 6140 W. Chandler Blvd., Suite #5, Chandler AZ 
  • Frank Hoster, Advance Printing & Graphics, 1349 Delashmut Ave., Columbus OH 
  • Larry Price, Print Tech of Western PA, 250 Alpha Drive, Pittsburgh PA 
  • Jim Jones, Copy Court Inc., 2540 East Vineyard Ave., Oxnard CA

Special NPOA Report Finds 44% of Printers
Report Their Sales Up Compared to 2013!

"The Overall business climate for many printers appears brighter than it has been in the recent past," notes a new 5-page Business Climate Report released by NPOA. Complete with 13 charts and graphs, the new report analyzes sales trends around the country, annual sales by participants, projected sales growth trends, as well as growth rates within six specific revenue departments within our industry. The report also details the corrective actions many printers are taking to correct or improve their current situation as it relates to sales and profits.

This FREE Download is being made available to all visitors, and not just NPOA members, as part of the association's mission to conduct, enhance and share relevant information about our industry. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback. Email us at: [email protected]. If you are not a member of NPOA, we encourage you to consider joining our association. Click here join.

NPOA Releases New Video Series
By Industry Expert Larry Hunt

Larry Hunt, long-time industry expert, author and supporter of NPOA, has just completed a series of four, 5-minute educational videos touching on key topics in our industry. Topics in this series include:
  “Mastering the 80-20 Rule.”
  “What Is Your Company’s Break-Even Point”
  “Customer Service – An Important Key to Success,”
  “Understanding Mark-up vs. Margin,” 

 Visit the NPOA Home Page to view a "highlights" video of these Larry Hunt presentations, and then view the first of the four in this series of 5-minute programs ("Mastering the 80-20 Rule") by following the link provided. The remaining videos will be released on the dates as published on the Members-Only page. 

NPOA Welcomes First Print It
From Lesotho - Southern Africa

Things are back to normal after aborted military Coup - "I hope all is well with you. You might have probably heard that there was a military coup in Lesotho. It was, however aborted, and all is back to normal now, We were not operating for some days," according to one of NPOA's newest International Members, Bethuel Thai, owner of First Print It, Maseru, Lesotho, Southern Africa. NPOA wants to welcome Bethuel to our association. Bethuel sent us a picture of his staff -  "In the picture it is myself seated and the rest of the staff, although two were not present." You can also write Bethuel at [email protected]

About First Print It - "First Print It started in 2012 after realizing that all commercial printing services in Lesotho, including printing for the government, is done outside the country, especially in the Republic of South Africa. The idea was to capture that market in all sectors, including digital and web offset printing. There is also intention to grow and include pad and screen printing as these are scarce services in Lesotho at the moment. We currently have put up new digital and wide format machines (and) are are looking for equipment for the other departments. We also do a little bid some sublimations," notes Bethuel.

Demand for Printing Exceeds Capacity - "It was a humble start for us due to the fact that it is not easy to access good equipment in our area, especially new or good used, and most of the time we have to opt for very old used equipment. It therefore took us time for the business to pick up. However, currently the business is improving and we are intending to equip our finishing department so that we can complete all our printing service in house; these would include; binding, stitching, scoring, punching, cutting, lamination etc. We are also in the process of acquiring a small newspaper press to print for the local community newspapers and pamphlets, the service which is completely not available in Lesotho at the moment. The business is more than we had expected and now the demand is more than our capacity, especially in the finishing side."

Access to Used Equipment - "We hope our membership to NPOA will also give us access to a wide range of members who have some good used equipment they would like to replace at a reasonable price as the move to the next technology." Best regards, Bethuel Thai

I Am Not Moving From This Blanket
Until We Sign-up A Printer in South Dakota

"Nope, nope, nope... I am not getting off this blanket
until someone from South Dakota joins our Association."
NPOA now has members in 49 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We also have members in South America, Africa, the West Indies and even our friend Harry Brelsford in Australia is a member. What we don't have but we are looking very hard to find is a printer from South Dakota to join our ranks. We'll even run a special feature on this hold-out state. So if you know anyone in South Dakota (it's just below North Dakota) why not forward this on to him or her and encourage them to join. That will be big day for NPOA!

NPOA Associate Member News

AccuZIP Releases New Videos
Featuring Real-World Testimonials

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! These four new testimonial videos below prove just how true this axiom is. AccuZIP is proud of all of our customers and the success they have had using our products and services. We could not be more proud of these powerful and well delivered success stories! Please click here to view these video testimonials and see how businesses have integrated AccuZIP into their processes to develop and expand their organizations and revenues!

NPOA Launches New Survey Measuring
Localized Business Climate for Printers

NPOA wants to hear from you this week. Please take our latest 5-minute survey titled, "Down to Earth No Punches Pulled" Industry Business Survey. The poll seeks to measure how printers such as yourself are coping in today's business climate. The survey asks you to measure the strength or weakness of your local economy as it pertains to your business as well as share with us what segments of our industry are reporting the greatest strides as well as those that are declining. The survey is open to all. The deadline is Thursday, Aug. 28th. Click here to take our latest survey.  

Reservations Desk Now Open for
NPOA 2015 Spring Conference 

Make your reservations early NPOA's Hotel Reservation Link is now open. NPOA is already receiving inquiries regarding hotel reservations for NPOA's 2015 Owners Conference, April 16-19, 2015, Although the conference agenda and program is still in the planning stages, we expecting a record turn-out, including a possible sell-out of our room block.

We believe this conference venue will be the best-ever! We know the program will be stimulating, the weather will be great, and our destination is definitely "family friendly" for those planning on turning their conference attendance into a mini, family vacation. We've arranged for a great room rate of only $149 per night, and that rate includes a number of "extras" we've been able to negotiate on behalf of our attendees. More info to come. Click here to make your room reservations.


American Printer Weekly Article Offers Reader

Comments on Industry Trade Associations

"Readers Weigh in on Associations: NPOA Wins Fans," notes a recent article published by The New American Printer Weekly. According to the magazine, Sid Chadwick’s recent reflections on industry associations and their executives prompted some positive reader comments, especially regarding NPOA.

"Dustin Andrews of Four State Printing tells us he is a big fan of National Print Owners Association. 'NPOA offer the PrintOwnersList, which is currently for free, as it was before they bought it. That is a HUGE resource and well of knowledge. I would highly recommend joining. At the same time I would like all of the trade organizations to go to a monthly payment plan and basically give membership on a 30-day subscription. It would make it much easier for the wee-little guys like myself (single-person shop) to join and pick up some extra know how and feel like they don't only gun for the multi-million dollar shops.

"Simplifed Spreadsheet Eases Upgrade Decisions - Craig Dellinger of New Haven Print collaborated with the NPOA staff on a free spreadsheet to analyze their copier/printer upgrade costs and benefits. You don’t have to be an NPOA member to download it, it is free for all. More information here.

"Lisa Bickford of Highlight Printing also put in a good word for NPOA. “As we are only member of one industry group (NPOA), I cannot give feedback on the rest. NPOA seems to give a really good value for the dollar and I get a lot of info that I need about running a business in the printing industry,” says Lisa. She adds: “Also, our local PIA group - PIM (Printing Industry Midwest), seems to be an active group with lots of helpful resources, just have never pulled the trigger and joined. Looking forward to others' comments.”

"What's on Your Mind? - We Say: Thanks for your comments, Dustin and Lisa! You can read a summary of NPOA’s 2013 conference here. In 2014, NPOA had a great panel discussion featuring some retired printers." You can read our write up here.


Xerox Webinar - August 20, Noon to 1:00 p.m.

Xerox Announces New Webinar titled
"Reinventing and Repositioning Your Business"

In today's ever-changing communications world, printers of all sizes are realizing that it's time to reposition their businesses. Repositioning starts with great questions. Are my customers' media buying patterns changing? Are new business models emerging? Are margins dropping? What services and solutions do my customers need? Which value-added services can I credibly deliver? This webinar will discuss the business products, services and models that enhance changing customer perceptions to drive new business opportunities.

Click Here to Register

Webinar participants will receive "Differentiating Your Print Business Today" the InfoTrends analysis report.

Differentiating Your Print Business Today
Differentiating your company from the competition has never been more important. Changing customer communication needs and demands for innovative services might make it necessary for you to reinvent your marketing position. Successful printing firms are re-positioning their businesses to stand out and fulfill the specific needs of their target markets. This article provides insight on ways to strengthen or change your market positioning to succeed in this ever-changing communications world.

Barb Pellow
Group Director InfoTrends Business Development Services

Xerox Customer Guest Speakers
Bob Ross
Director of Marketing and Business Development
CCG Marketing Solutions

Read More

Fineeye August Webinar:

Why Does Color Really Matter?
Color Matching and Wide-Format Inkjet

Does color really matter in large format printing? How close is close enough when printing display graphics jobs? Are custom ICC profiles worth the trouble? Why are spot colors such a challenge to match? The answers may surprise you! Join FineEye's resident color expert Mike DiCosola for a 30-minute webinar discussing practical challenges in printing accurate color on your display graphics large format inkjet jobs. If you have ever struggled to print a spot color accurately, you need to tune in to this quick session. Mike will cover a few basic concepts such as Delta E measurement of color difference and also provide practical insight on how you can change things for the better.

Attendees will receive free files to reproduce some of the same tests Mike will discuss in the webinar.
Join the Fineeye team for a webinar on August 26th at 1pm (EST) to hear expert solutions from your fellow color enthusiasts. Register by clicking HERE!

The FineEye team resides in Grand Rapid, Michigan and is committed to developing superior color imaging products and delivering them right to our customers. Follow our blog for professional insight on the printing and color industry and connect with us on social media.

NPOA Releases Wage & Benefits "Executive Summary"

This new summary is available for free download to all current members of NPOA. Simply log-in to the the NPOA site using your user name and password, and then visit Membership > Members Only. This just-released 40-page summary, while certainly not as detailed as the entire study, contains very useful information on wages and benefits for 19 key positions in our industry, plus performance levels achieved by outside sales representatives. The new 120-page study, as well as the just released Executive Summary, also contains detailed information on employee benefits, including healthcare coverage. You can purchase the entire study by visiting the NPOA Bookstore. The Study retails for $195, but is available to NPOA members for only $117, a 40% discount! Both PDF and hard copies are available.

Executive Summary to Follow Shortly...

The 2014-2015 Wage & Benefits Study
Distributed to All Qualified Participants

If you participated in NPOA's 2014-2015 Wage & Benefits Survey you should have received an email titled "CONFIDENTIAL - Your Wage & Benefits Study is Now Available" Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 12, 2014. The email contains a special link directing you to a site where you can download this information-packed, 100+ page research project. More than 270 firms with annual sales ranging between $400,000 and $10 million participated in our survey. Be sure to check your email folders carefully for an email with the above subject line. If you've checked your spam folders and still can't find the email then please Contact NPOA. The new Wage & Benefits Study is also currently available for sale in the NPOA Bookstore. Retail price for this valuable study is $195; The NPOA Member Price is $117 - A 40% Discount! All Orders are processed and shipped/emailed in 24 hours or less. NPOA will be releasing a special 30+ page "Executive Summary" of the new study within the next week. We will advise all members when the executive summary is available. 

Your Last Chance to Receive Free Report

This is your last chance to receive an information-packed Wage & Benefits Study absolutely FREE! The deadline for this survey is midnight, July 14, 2014 and it will not be extended. This survey is designed to meet the needs of all sizes and types of firm, from those with sales of less than $400,000 and only 2-3 employees up to firms with annual sales of $3 million or greater and employing 25+. Most participants tell us it has taken 20 minutes or less to complete and is well worth the effort. There is nothing more devastating and costly than having a long-term key employee suddenly come to you and give you their "notice."

While this study may not prevent an employee from leaving, it can at least provide you, in advance, up-to-date information about what other companies similar in size to your own and located in various sections of the country are paying for 19 key positions in our industry. You will also read about various benefits being offered as well as compensation practices for outside sales representatives. Visit our Wage & Benefits Survey today.


Industry Wages Appear Stagnant

NPOA Offers Preview of New Wage Study

With the expected release of NPOA’s 2014-2015 Wage & Benefits Study less than three weeks away, we can already offer a preview of what this new study will reveal. 

Of the 19 key positions covered in this study, wages have either dropped or remained stagnant for 13 of these positions when compared to the wages reported in early 2012. With an outstanding overall “margin of error” of less than 1%, the drop or stagnation in wages is not a “fluke” or a reflection of differences in data bases, but rather a clear indication that, for whatever reason, owners have chosen to freeze wages during the past 26 months.

As an example, average wages for “General Managers” has dropped from $28.60 in 2012 to $26.19 in 2014 – and 8.4% drop. Wages for “Customer Services Supervisors” $19.54 to $18.40, a 5.9% drop! Wages for “Senior Graphics & Digital” operators have remained virtually stagnant at $19.34 in 2012 versus $19.23 in 2014.

The only exceptions to the above appear in wage classifications dealing with either “mailing” or “signs & large format” where wages have increased on average of 5.7%. The largest increase in wages when compared to 2012 data is for the “Jr. Mailing Department Specialists” position where average wages increased from $13.85 in 2012 to $15.21 in 2014.

NPOA members can read the rest of our report by clicking here.

NPOA Shares Survey Results

Association Decides to Adopt New Technology
For Communicating with Our Membership

NPOA has just released the results of its recently conducted member-only poll surveying the "best" and the "worst" methods for communicating with our members. More than 160 NPOA members responded to our request to complete the survey, with most responding in 36 hours or less!

This new report (available to members only) explores topics such as how often members visit our web site, our new RSS Feed feature, and the popularity of free downloads available to our members. The new report reveals preferences and suggestions by members as to best to communicate with them, as well as the popularity of various topics in our industry. Whether or not you participated in this survey, we encourage you to download this special report and provide us with your feedback. 

Fellow Printers Praise Value of
New Financial Benchmark Study

Printers from around the country continue to send us testimonials regarding the recently released 2014-2015 Financial Benchmarking Study. Sponsored by Ricoh-USA, this 103-page report contains dozens and dozens of P&Ls, balance sheets and key ratio reports broken down by size and type of firm as well as geographic regions. The most popular section(s) of the newly released study compare the performance of the "profit leaders" against the "profit laggards" in our industry.

NPOA members who would like to purchase this information-packed study can visit the NPOA Bookstore where they can purchase it for only $135, a 40% discount off the retail price of $225. Too much to spend right now? If so, NPOA members can download a FREE 30-page Executive Summary of this study by visiting the NPOA web site and following the directions on the front page. Go here to read the testimonials...


New "Classifieds" Section Open to All!

NPOA has just launched a new "Classifieds" Section open and available to all printers. You may submit listings for equipment and supplies (To sell or to buy) by posting to our new Classifieds Section. To submit your own listing, simply send and email with brief descriptive text, price, name, and other contact information to [email protected]. Most submissions will be posted within eight hours or less.