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The PrintOwners Listserv is owned by the National Print Owners Association (NPOA).

Long Established - The PrintOwners list is a long-established and popular listserv available free to all owners of established printing, copying, mailing, and signage firms. Owners are encouraged to share ideas, problems, challenges, and suggestions for improving profits in their respective operations. Vendors, brokers, suppliers, and trade associations are discouraged from using the Printowners list for promotional purposes.
Distribution, redistribution and/or sharing of links to copyrighted material - It is a strict violation of both the PrintOwners listserv rules, as well as U.S. Copyright Laws, to reproduce and or post links to copyrighted material. You must have written permission from the author to post any article or link to an article that you wish to share or discuss with fellow list members. Violations of this posting regulation may subject you to civil prosecution and place this listserv in jeopardy.
Commercial Announcements from List Subscribers - No one wants this to become an advertising list, but in practice, it is sometimes difficult to draw a fine line between a comment and a product plug. Subscribers are requested to use restraint and to ask themselves whether what they are posting is something that a significant number of readers would be interested in. That said, brief plugs or announcements are permitted. Similarly, new event and product announcements are permitted, but the preferred form is to announce briefly and indicate to the list subscribers where further information is available. Repeated commercial posts are prohibited.

Commercial Announcements from Outsiders - Commercial posts from outsiders are prohibited. This includes "public service announcements" or posts promoting private websites. An outsider is defined as someone who is not currently a subscriber to the PrintOwners List.


Promotional Signature Blocks - Sometimes signature blocks are used in a manner that circumvents the list guidelines about promotional advertising. We discourage list subscribers from taking advantage of our good intentions by using signature blocks in an inappropriate manner.


To subscribe to the PrintOwners list, simply send an email to the following:


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How does the PrintOwners list work?

The easiest way to understand the PrintOwners list is to think of it as another way to send and receive email. The only difference is that when you send an email to the PrintOwners list, our powerful list servers will simultaneously send your message to every other member on the list. Sending an email to the list is called posting. Currently, there are an average of about 75 posts a day to the PrintOwners list. The discussions cover a variety of print-related topics, and the PrintOwners list is considered an extremely valuable resource by those who utilize the service. Testimonials can be read here.

A Special Word of Caution!

The PrintOwners list is very active!! Click here to view current PO List Statistics.

Seriously, that often presents a problem to new subscribers, sometimes resulting in frustrations. You will see LOTS of email come through on any given day. Here's how the list works. 

1. Someone sends a message to the list. It could be a comment, question or problem someone is experiencing. 

2. Once they click SEND, that message goes out to the entire list. Yep, sending one email actually sends it to over 600 subscribers on this list. Imagine if you were in a room with 600 people and you asked a question. What would happen? You'd get LOTS of people with a comment or potential solution. That's exactly what happens here. That one email could generate 20-30 follow up messages. 

3. Ever hear the term "viral"? It happens on a smaller scale here. Once those 20-30 messages start coming in, they also get sent to those 600+ subscribers. Which generates even more messages. 

While all this sounds overwhelming, it really doesn't have to be. The best way to tame it is to create a folder in your email program and a filter or rule that tells your email program to send all email from the PrintOwners list to that folder. Voila! Your inbox doesn't get messy with all our messages and you have a neat and tidy place to read all the PrintOwners messages at your leisure. 

For this list to work, everyone needs to participate, so we welcome your comments and questions. Feel free to post a comment, question, or problem you may be experiencing. We can almost guarantee you that someone here has an opinion and maybe even a solution. 

Once again, welcome to PrintOwners. We're glad to have you as a subscriber.

Why is it so valuable?

The list is a great place to discuss any problems and issues you're facing at your printing firm. You can find out what equipment works and what doesn't. Sales and marketing ideas are often shared. And if you need to get a second opinion on a complicated estimate, you can ask your fellow print owners. Everything is discussed on the PrintOwners list. The discussions are not approved by a moderator before they are posted to the list, and content is read only by other list members. It's not available to the general public.

How can I keep from getting my inbox flooded with too many emails?

Once again, you can expect about 70-80 email messages from the list to come to your inbox every day. Most list members set up a rule in their email client that automatically routes PrintOwners messages into their own separate folder. Having a file folder just for the PrintOwners list accomplishes two things. First, it allows you to read the messages at your leisure without (second) creating an email overload burden because they are co-mingled with all of your personal and customer emails.

You can also use an alias email account to help you manage the increased volume of emails you'll be receiving. An alias account is a secondary email address that you set up for your PrintOwners list membership. If you choose to use an alias account, we ask that you provide the list manager with your primary email address, so it is possible for him to contact you without his email getting lost among the 60-80 emails a day that will fill your inbox.

Are there any obligations for joining?

Yes, there is one expectation of all list members. Your only obligation is to participate in the "Question of The Week" surveys that are periodically requested. Usually, the surveys take less than two minutes to complete. The more printers who participate in our surveys, the more valuable and accurate the results of the survey will be. The Question of The Week surveys will provide you with a lot of helpful information. Your participation in the periodic survey is your only obligation for joining.

What does it cost to join?

Membership is free. How do I subscribe?

It's easy, and it will take less than five minutes! Join now! 

Click here to watch the welcome video by Mike Stevens, previous owner of the Printowners Listserv.




  • Total # of Posts... 17,386
  • Total # of PrintOwner subscribers ... 467
  • Total # of PrintOwner subscribers posting... 441
  • Average # of posts each month by PrintOwner subscribers who post to the list...39 
  • Median # of posts each month by PrintOwner subscribers... 12
  • Top 10 posters accounted for 21% of all posts 
  • Top 20 posters accounted for 35% of all posts 
  • 20% of posters (88) accounted for 75% of all posts 

Interesting to note that when compared to a previous 12-month analysis (depicted below), 
the data has change only slightly. The data above comes very close to assumptions drawn
from the 90-20 rule.




  • Total # of Posts... 19,503
  • Total # of PrintOwner subscribers ... 670
  • Total # of PrintOwner subscribers posting... 437
  • Average # of posts each month by PrintOwner subscribers who post to the list...45 
  • Median # of posts each month by PrintOwner subscribers... 15 
  • Top 10 posters accounted for 17.8% of all posts 
  • Top 20 posters accounted for 23.6% of all posts 
  • 20% of posters (87) accounted for 75.3% of all posts