Environmental Health and Safety

EHS Tree ImageEnvironmental, health and safety issues are critical for printing facilities of any size. For example, did you know that nearly every commercial lithographic printer in the United States, regardless of size, is required to comply with OSHA standards? The actual regulatory requirements depend on the number of employees, site-specific operations, work practices, and processes. OSHA has a particular eye on commercial lithographic printing, specifically the SIC code of 2752 and NAICS 323110, as an industry sector with a high number of accidents and amputation incidents.

NPOA offers resources to help printing companies deal with environmental, health and safety issues. You’ll find a full suite of EHS support products in our online store. A series of safety posters for your plant include general safety, the reduction of combustible dust hazards, safe operation of powered industrial trucks, Get to Know SDS, Globally Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) Pictograms Quick Reference, and Globally Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) Label Guide. Special OSHA compliance materials include compliance program templates and the “OSHA Primer,” a valuable reference tool for printers who are new to dealing with safety and OSHA regulations, or those individuals who simply need a refresher on the basic regulations and their fundamental elements.

 NPOA is pleased to announce a special arrangement to offer EHS consulting services to our members. Remote services include OSHA and EPA compliance program reviews, document preparation, technical and legal research and Agency correspondence/communication.

Onsite consulting services include environmental compliance audits, safety compliance audits, EPA and OSHA inspection assistance, ANSI/ISO conformance audits, green and sustainable audits, Agency interaction, company representation, and employee training.

Pricing is determined on a case by case basis. For information please email membership (@) printowners.org