Wage & Benefits Study’s Executive Summary
Available Free to all Association Members

Melbourne, FL – The long-awaited 2014-2015 NPOA Wage & Benefits Study has been completed and is available for purchase at the NPOA Bookstore. The complete study is available to NPOA members at a substantial discount. Members also can download a free Executive Summary from the Members Only section of the site.

Drawn from 275 valid survey responses, the study’s five sections include: Profile of Respondents and Wages at a Glance; Wage & Salary Data by Job Description; Wage & Salary Data Sorted by Criteria; Compensation Practices for Outside Sales Representatives; and Employee Benefits. Survey respondents averaged $1.2 million in sales with median sales of $774,000.

Overall, the survey found that salaries have been mostly stagnant between early 2012 and mid-2014 with the exception of those positions dealing with either mailing services or signs and large format. Sales per employee (SPE) hit $175,186 for firms in the top quartile but were only $94,855 in the bottom quartile. In general, firms with the highest SPE paid significantly higher wages and salaries to their employees.

As a whole, outside sales representatives averaged $484,578 in sales generated for $73,747 in compensation, or 15.2%. However, compensation percentages varied greatly depending on total annual company sales.

In the area of health insurance, 54% of those surveyed offer health insurance benefits to all employees, with the average employer picking up about 70.5% of healthcare expense. The typical employer in this industry spends 2.96% of annual sales to cover employee healthcare costs.

The NPOA 2014-2015 Wages & Benefits Study also features a variety of sorts and graphs, including sorts based upon annual sales and profitability. The study is free to all study participants and is available for sale either in hard copy or as a PDF file with a discounted member price of $117 and a non-member price of $195. For more information visit