Joining NPOA for the first time?
NPOA has 3 membership classifications:


Open to companies providing graphic design and printing services (both offset and digital), utilizing a variety of equipment and technologies. Applicants may also offer ancillary services such as mailing, large format, and signage services. Current NPOA Regular Membership annual dues are $385, with a monthly optional auto-deduction plan of only $39 per month.

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The International Membership provides all of the same services and benefits as the Regular Membership (described above) but is designed for companies operating and/or located in countries other than the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico. Annual International Membership dues are $149.

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The Associate Membership is designated for suppliers, manufacturers, and consulting firms that provide services or products to the print industry (including the large format, sign, and copy industries). There are three subdivisions of the Associate Membership designed to meet the needs and budget constraints of various firm sizes. Please note that while we appreciate the mutually beneficial relationships established between NPOA and its vendors and suppliers, Associate Members are not permitted to subscribe or post to NPOA’s PrintOwners List. The PrintOwners List is strictly reserved for owners of printing, mailing, or sign companies. NPOA will, however, go out of its way to assist Associate Members in communicating with our Regular and International Members. This communication includes posting blog announcements, running banner ads, sharing content via social media outlets, and encouraging Associate Members to offer exclusive discounts and educational programs of benefit to our members.

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Associate Membership Categories Yearly Dues
5 Employees or fewer $600.00
6–19 Employees $800.00
20–49 Employees $1,000.00
51–74 Employees $1,500.00
75+ Employees $1,800.00

Renewing Active and Lapsed Memberships

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Active Memberships

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Lapsed Memberships? 

Members who have allowed their membership renewal status to lapse* are required to re-apply and pay the current membership dues as previously mentioned.

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 *NPOA members are sent a minimum of five notices regarding their pending dues' expiration date. Members who fail to pay dues within 45 days following their expiration date are automatically reclassified as "Basic Members" and, as such, may no longer have access to member-only portions of our website. We ask for your cooperation in submitting your dues promptly when they are due.

If you would like to submit a PDF membership application, please email the completed form to [email protected].

Prefer to submit a printed application? Click here to download and print the form instead of submitting an electronic version. If you choose this method, please remember to fill out all of the required information on the form in a legible fashion. Please mail the printed application to the NPOA Headquarters, located at: 301 Brush Creek Road, Warrendale, PA 15086-7529

Do not hesitate to email us regarding any questions or concerns not answered above.