Privacy Policy


You've got nothing to worry about.

Not one bit of the information you've shared with us to become part of the community will ever be shared with anyone or anybody outside the list.

NPOA considers the listserv's privacy policy as a sacred trust of confidentiality. The PrintOwners list is a place where we can all come together -- among friends -- and just let our guard down. It's pretty hard to do that if you feel like your personal data will be sold, loaned, or rented to anybody who will pay for it. It won't happen here. The PrintOwners list isn't for sale or rent.

So, our official privacy policy is simple. No need for a lot of complex legal jargon.

Here it is:

Privacy Policy: We will never share any of the information you've provided to the PrintOwners list with anyone outside the list. Never, ever!

Jace Prejean, President, National Print Owners Association (NPOA)