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This is members-only service brought to you by NPOA. It is a collection of useful links, and sometimes comments, provided by printers such as yourself, printers who are willing to share what they have learned about the signs and wide format industry. Sometimes it is nothing more than a useful link. At other times, it may be a useful comment that may direct or push you towards a specific vendor. We encourage you to send us your own links and comments so that you too may also help fellow NPOA members. 


Roland     https://www.rolanddga.com/

Mimaki     http://www.mimakiusa.com/ 

Mutoh Printers - eco and solvent printers - http://www.mutoh.com/

Epson Printers - eco and solvent printers - http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/jsp/Pro/SeriesSureColorS50675/Overview

HP Latex Printers - http://www8.hp.com/us/en/commercial-printers/latex-printers/products.html


GFP laminator – We have had ours over a year and are still quite pleased with the purchase. Available through dealers and here is a link to one of their trainers: www.gfpsmoothstart.com/

Royal Sovereign Laminators -  we have the 65 cold laminator and it does the job and saves a lot on more expensive units highly recommend.  Most of the industry has moved away from heated units. http://www.royalsovereign.com/roll-laminators-laminating-film-electric-trimmers/roll-laminators.html (John Henry, Mitchell Printing & Mailing, Oswego, NY)


Inks, Etc.

Compatible Inks:

Solaris by Liquecolor: Available for most of your printers. To see if your printer is supported, click here: http://www.liquecolor.com/index.html   Available at Fellers, Gregory1, and others

Triangle inks by Inx Digital: Available for most of your printers. To see if your printer is supported, click here: http://inxdigital.com/alternative.aspx  Available at Fellers, Advantage and many others

Grant Graphics - www.grantgraphics.com main supply for inks, service and specialty materials.  Sold and services my printer and laminator. 

Printable media

Banner Material:
Optima Opti-Solve Double Sided Banner 13 oz: Available for most of your printers. Sold exclusively through Advantage Sign and Graphic Supply

Medium Term Adhesive Material:
Orafol 3651 – Available at Advantage, Fellers…..
Orafol 3164

Vehicle Wrap Material:
Orafol 3981RA – Available at Advantage, Fellers…..
3M IJ1180 – Available at Advantage, Fellers…..

Vinyl & Tools - Fellers – www.fellers.com (I am very impressed with their customer service and product knowledge, several times, I placed an order online and they called to be sure I knew about unique properties of the product or suggest an alternate product that my rep. felt would work better for me. Very unheard of for large company today - Barry Martin, Copyquik, Hagerstown, MD)

Instant One Media - www.InstantOneMedia.com air release calendared and cast vinyl and lam 50% + less than  others and just as good.  Now has window perf also.

Bigfish Digital Media Broker Big Fish -  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/bigfish-digital-cormany/47/494/431/  lots of items, great pricing,  slow shipping to me  from west coast Dry lam and window perf at great savings.  Josh Cormany, Bigfish Digital Media Broker 714-369-3321  


Denco Sales - http://www.dencosales.com/  Denco Sales is a local sign material supplier with several west coast warehouses.  We've been buying cut vinyl, 3M & Denco branded printable vinyl, lamination films, panel materials, and other supplies for years.  They also carry illuminated sign components and screen printing supplies.  Very good customer service.  About one year ago we purchased our Roland VS-540I thru them and have gotten excellent support and training. (Ken Bishop, The Biz Zone, Fruitland, ID)

David King Vendor list. As pdf  http://www.themarketking.com/index.html

Fellers - for just about anything in large format https://www.fellers.com/ - Ask for trade pricing, huge discounts of house lines.

Grimco and Sabic local for 4x8 sheets - http://www.grimco.com/Default.aspx nationwide locations


Shop Tools & Cutters

Festool – track saw system www.festoolusa.com – great way to cut up large panels instead of using a panel saw, can be taken on-site to an install. Clean cuts in Poly, Acrylic, Wood, Metal, Foam panels. Dust collection system available. (We really love ours, we keep adding to our system - Barry Martin, Copy Quik, Hagerstown, MD)

MBX Vinyl Zapper Tool – useful for removing old vinyl decals www.grimco.com really time saver on larger vinyl removal projects (ran this unit for about 6 hrs. solid on Saturday)

Foster Keencut Cutters - One of best investment we've made; http://www.go-foster.com/ or  http://www.keencut.com/keencut-product-range/vertical-cutters/steeltrak/ (John Henry, Mitchell Printing & Mailing, Oswego, NY)   



Advantage Sign & Graphic Solutions     http://www.advantagesgs.com/   (Materials: Including substrates, third party inks, Tools, etc.)

Fellers     https://www.fellers.com/     (Materials: Including substrates, third party inks, Tools, etc.) Specialty is geared towards Vehicle Wraps

GRIMCO     http://www.grimco.com/     (Materials: Including substrates, third party inks, Tools, etc.)

Training & Installation


Geek Wraps University – Fort Lauderdale, FL.  www.geekwrapsu.com – installation school, offering 3 day and 5 day classes, also offer some unique installation tools (Dennis and I have both sent our sons to this class.)

Justin Pate – online video installation instruction www.wrapinstitute.com - (I have purchased a one-year membership that allows my installers to view how-to-videos)

Larry Hunt Wide Format newsletter – printed newsletter about wide format equipment and marketing – www.larryhunt.com  - great resource that every wide format provider should invest in.

SGIA membership organization for the signage industry www.sgia.org  (I have a membership and feel they offer some good benefits/Barry Martin)


Marketing & Training

David King, The Marketing King www.themarketingking.com  offers business consulting (I used his 3 day on-site visit to get setup and best practices)

Exhibits & Trade Shows

Orbus   http://www.orbus365.com/  (Orbus® provides an extensive range of portable exhibits, display products, and solutions for the trade show industry)

ExpoLinc  http://www.expolinc.com/ (Banner Roll-up stands and more)

Catapult displays. http://www.catapultlaunch.com/ higher quality pop-ups with lifetime replacement


Mounting & Display Hardware

Testrite Visual – Hackensack, NJ – display hardware www.testrite.com manufacture of a wide variety of display hardware, made in the USA. (I have used them for quite a few years and have been pleased with the quality of materials.) 

MDS –Standoffs – Tampa, FL – aluminum stand-offs for mounting and display of graphics. www.mbs-standoffs.com (I purchase quite a bit of product from this company/Barry Martin)

Frames and gallery wrap supplies www.breathingcolor.com 


Vinyl Cutters

Summa Tangential Cutter – Very happy with this purchase www.summausa.com (Dennis Trump, Trump Direct, Decatur, IL)



Grommets and dies for grommet machine: www.metalgrommets.com We purchased the CSton-1 machine and it performs well. (D. Trump)

Specialty outdoor graphics www.asphaltartusa.com I have photos of race finish lines we have done with this material. (D. Trump)


An Excerpt from the 2015-2016 Signs & Wide Format Study


By Skip Grant, Skip Grant Productions and author of the
2015-2016 Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study Executive Summary

The real idea here is to integrate wide-format inkjet printing into your business in a smooth, efficient and very profitable manner. Printing industry professionals have a very strong skill set in selling and producing printed materials.

The main difference here is that wide format printing incorporates a huge variety of specialty materials that may be new and unfamiliar to many printers. In addition, handling and installing these materials adds to the learning curve, but understand that your pricing cannot and should not reflect the fact that a novice installer may take substantially longer than average to complete the job. You will want to learn as quickly as possible the proper and most efficient method for installing these various materials. Hire good training or work closely with your local dealer who can teach all the in’s and out’s of everything possible!

The key requirement in making the digital print and cut process profitable is to execute these jobs as quickly and as easily as possible. Learn to make intelligent decisions about how the job needs to be manufactured, what materials you want to use, and how it will be delivered or installed.

This 2015-2016 NPOA Signs & Wide Format Pricing Study is a fantastic tool to help you succeed and help you improve both sales and profits. An accurate pricing schedule, based on whatever parameters your shop needs to guarantee ease and profits while reducing stress, is the key to your success.

Do what you love! Stay with the type of jobs that you can handle and with particular markets that you feel most comfortable. Remember, extensive wall graphics or vehicle wraps can be daunting for newcomers. Ease into things and build your momentum – you’ll be amazed how it will all come together!

And last but not least, remember to BE ENTHUSIASTIC about all the things you can now do for your customers. SHOW THEM GREAT SAMPLES! You are in the right place at the right time to take advantage of all the new business opportunities with digital “Print & Cut”! Enjoy it!


Skip Grant
Skip Grant Productions
800-275-7547 (1.800.Ask.Skip)
[email protected]